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For now on, I will no longer accept friend requests from people I don't know. So if you want to be my friend, feel free to send me a PM and lets have a chat! I like making friends, especially if they are like minded individuals. ^_^



Hello, I'm Ultra-Knight but you can call me Knight because everyone else does. Pleased to meet you and thank you for taking a look at my bio. I'm a Role-Playing veteran of over ten years so I have done a bit of everything.

A little about myself...

I'll be honest with you, I have autism. I fall on the lower end of the spectrum and some people call it Asperger's. But we like to call ourselves Aspies. So, that is what I am. I am an Aspie and I am proud to be one. So why am telling you this, dear reader? Because if I come off as "childish" in some ways. its only because I lack certain social abilities to act my age. I also think differently than most people because my brain is literally wired that way. I find it hard to phrase things and sometimes I'm just not very good at it. So, please be patient with me and if you need any clarification then please ask me and I will try to re-phrase what I said in order to be a little clearer.

I'm not revealing this information about myself to gain sympathy. In truth, I'm actually telling you this so you know how to deal with me. So, please give me you're understanding and respect. I would also greatly appreciate it if you're willing to get to know me and become my friend. I just might surprise you in ways you never expected. ;)

Aside from that, I'm an open book. If you any question regarding Asperger's, or anything else about me, please ask and I'll answer any of you're questions to the best of my ability.

I just want to have fun Role-Playing...

Aside from the forum rules, I always live by my own rule that is simply this: Have fun Role-Playing. Everything else is just icing on the cake. I hate and despise drama so I try and avoid it whenever possible. If I cause any harm to anyone else, its completely UNintentional and I will always seek to make amends with others to try and work things out. We're all here for the same thing, after all. Having fun Role-Playing with each other. All I ask is I be given the benefit of the doubt so that any potential problem can be resolved peacefully, in PM's, and hopefully a solution can be found so both parties are happy. Thank you.


I find assumptions about me annoying...

I need to ask everyone a favor. Please don't Automatically "Assume" anything about me when you don't know me well enough to do that. Especially if it happens to be something negative. I'm a human being behind this computer screen and all the emotions that come with it, same as everyone else. Reading words on a page will never properly convey emotion on my face or the sound of my voice, which plays a major part in whether someone is telling the truth or lying. Please keep that very important fact in mind before you assume anything about me. I have my beliefs and opinions. That also means I have every right to have them, same as everyone else does. That does NOT automatically mean I should be blocked simply for sharing an opinion that could be controversial for some people. Everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt and a chance to explain themselves. Please give that courtesy to me and I will return it to you as well. Thank you.

With that said, I have my opinions about a great many topics and when asked, I am not afraid to share them. Could I be wrong about my opinions? Absolutely. At the end of the day, that's ALL it is. An opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. Please respect my opinion, even if you don't happen to like it or agree with it, and I will respect you're opinion as well even if I don't agree with it. Thank you. Moving on...

There are things to keep in mind if you are interested in Role-Playing with me.

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Even though I have hidden my age, I AM over 18. I would also greatly prefer any RP with me remain the same rating as it is on the forum itself, even in PM's (PG-13). I'm not saying I'm against more adult RP's or themes as I've dipped my hand in them in the past. Keeping my RP's with others at a PG-13 level is just my own personal preference.

My preferred writing style is third person, present tense. However, I can adjust if you prefer past tense. And, of course, there are other things to keep in mind.

Such as

Communication is the key to success. Without that, friendships break down and Role-Plays are dropped without the epic ending they deserve. If we aren't communicating through some form of OOC or through the use of PM's, things tend to break down and fail. As I said before, I have over ten years of Role-Playing experience and to successfully have a fun RP with each other, we need to communicate. I have been around the block more than long enough to know this.

If any problem arises between us, I want to know about it so we can talk in a nice, civil, way in order to try and work through it. If you prefer to keep communication between us to a minimum, I'm fine with that just so long as we have some form of it. Ultimately, if there is no communication going on between us and you drop a Role-Play with me because I did something "wrong" and you're not willing to tell me what the problem is so we can work out whatever it is, then I'll never Role-Play with you again and place you in my block list.

Fiction Vs. Reality: Just because my characters say or do certain things does not mean I share in them. Please keep fiction separate from reality.

No Godmoding or Metagaming: Please don't Godmode with me or give information to your character about mine they shouldn't, realistically, possess. If you want you're character to know anything about my character, please do it through realistic means and through the course of Role-Play.

Battling My Character: On the off chance our characters so happen to fight each other, please don't automatically succeed with your attacks. Always go for key words, such as "Attempts" or "Tries". I would also appreciate you don't dodge every single move my character makes against you're own. No one is invincible.

I will also keep an eye on your character profile so if you add powers/abilities/skills/equipment that were never there before the battle starts just so you won't have to take a loss, then I will call you out on that by shooting you a PM. If the matter cannot be resolved peacefully, I'll stop Role-Playing with you and place you in my block list.

Controlling and/or Killing My Characters: Please do not do this without my explicit permission.


Moving My Character: If you wish to move the story along, then you have my permission to move my character. Please don't do anything beyond this without consulting with me first. Thank you.

Ghosting On Me: If, for any reason, you're unable to continue the Role-Play then please tell me. It will be unfortunate, but I won't be offended. Just don't vanish on me without saying anything, please. I will also inform you if I cannot continue for any reason. If, for any reason, you cannot inform me you're about to vanish for a period of time because circumstances won't allow it, then that's fine. I'll be here when you get back and I'll still be willing to RP with you if you're up for it. Ghosting on me is not a deal breaker.

I'm pretty flexible and adaptable, depending on the needs of my Role-Playing partner. For example: If my Role-Playing partner prefers real life pictures in a character profile and/or in a role-play, then I will very gladly use them in my bio's/avatars during the course of my Role-Play with that person. Its absolutely not a problem at all for me to adapt my character bio's to be more pleasing for anyone who wishes to RP with me. Just ask me to make the change and I will be more than happy to do so.

I will also be more than happy to plan out our Role-Plays if you would prefer to do that before we start writing together. Like I said, I'm pretty flexible and adaptable so when in doubt, ask me if I am willing to do this or that.

Editing Posts: I'm also perfectly fine with editing my posts. For example: If you happen to spot something that needs to change for ANY reason, please send me a PM and politely inform me of the needed change and I will be more than happy to accommodate you. Part of Role-Playing and having fun is making my partner I write with happy. Don't be bashful, please let me know if their is a problem and I'll do my best to make you happy. If you're happy, so am I.

Post Length: I'll adapt according to the needs of my Role-Playing partner. If, for example, they prefer I give three decent sized paragraphs per post then that is what they will receive. As for my personal requirements, I would prefer at least two decent size paragraphs or more. Please no novels. I'm here to have fun Role-Playing, not read through fan fiction that might as well be turned into a book.

Post Frequency: An old friend of mine said, "It's not the quantity of posts that matter, its the quality." In other words, I'm patient to wait for you're post. I realize people have lives to live outside of Role-Playing and sometimes they are very busy people. However, I hope you don't mind the occasional PM from me if things happen to be taking too long.

My own response times will be once, maybe twice, a week. IF I have the energy, I MIGHT post more often than that. I have a life to live outside of Role-Playing the same as everyone else. So, please be patient with me if I'm not posting as often as you'd prefer. Barring a few exceptions, I don't usually respond to RP's on Fridays and Saturdays. Please be mindful of that. Everyone has their schedule and so do I.

Romance: If its strictly romance and nothing else, no thanks. If its mixed and matched with one, or more, of my favorite genre's (see below)?? Maybe. As a general rule, if I do romance with someone else then there needs to be an understanding: The story & action in the Role-Play comes first and will consist of the bulk of the RP. Romance will be second and will only take up small parts of it. The reason for this is simple: While I do appreciate romance, I don't enjoy giving it a strong focus.

I will also do the "fade to black" because I don't like Role-Playing out sexually explicit content. I have done it before in the past and it is not for me. I'm sorry, but nothing goes beyond cuddling, kissing and holding hands with me. Please respect that. If you prefer to Role-Play this stuff out and hate to "fade to black" then I will respect you enough by keeping our RP romance free.

In terms of romance, I ONLY do MxF or FxM. I will never do anything else so please be respectful of that. I've tried other romance types before, such as FxF to name an example. Unfortunately, I find same sex romances in my RP's extremely uncomfortable for me. I am NOT saying such pairings are bad or anything. I am merely saying it makes me uncomfortable. We all have our comfort level and our limits. This is mine.


As for what my favorite genres are and the ones I don't like playing in, then please click to
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My favorite types of Role-Plays are:

Superheroes: I absolutely love this genre! And best of all, it can be mixed and matched with just about any other genre in existence to create a more unique Role-Play.


Fandom RPs: Depends on the Fandom. I like a lot of the superhero movies & TV shows out there (but plenty of it is utter trash, so I am selective). I also like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Stranger Things, Voltron, Masters of the Universe, etc.

Adventure: I greatly enjoy epic journey's, especially when it involves one of the other genres I enjoy.

Anime: I'll admit, my knowledge is rather limited regarding this genre. But if I can mix and match one of the other genres I like Role-Playing in, I'll play with you. If not, then it really depends on what setting the Anime world takes place in.

Modern: If I can mix in Superheroes or a dash of some other genre, absolutely! Otherwise, nope.

Sci-Fi: My favorites are Star Wars first, Star Trek second. Of course, I like others too, such as Mass Effect, but not much else.

Post Apocalyptic: Nothing like a good Fallout RP. Just so long as I can add a little bit of some other genre to it, I'll be really happy. Otherwise, it really depends on the type of Post Apocalyptic setting the Role-Play is based in.

Fantasy & Medieval: Avatar: The Last Airbender is a Fantasy setting I'd be interested in. Original characters only, please.

I have also dipped my hand into D&D & Medieval settings a little, but I tend to steer clear of them if I can.. Magic classes & spells are far too limited for one thing. But if these were to be eliminated because we are Role-Playing rather than playing a game, then I'm absolutely down for it.

Plus, there is one element that is always missing in fantasy & medieval settings: There is no class that gives a character superhuman strength. Hercules exists in a fantasy setting, so does guys like Samson & Kratos. Have you ever seen the Hercules movies or played the God of War video games? Those are clearly set in a fantasy setting. And yet, we never see classes that give superhuman strength. Why? Possibly because they might be overly powerful, which is a load of bull!

First rule of Role-Play for powerful characters. If a class is really powerful, make the threat he is facing equal to him or greater. That is the key to successfully challenge such a character. With that said, I will absolutely play in a fantasy or medieval setting so long as the other player is fine with me playing a character with superhuman strength or special abilities without restrictive spells being one or two time use only.

Western & Historical: Depends. Can I mix and match one of the other genres I like for taste? Then yes. However, if its 100% pure Western and/or Historical then that's a no. Sorry.

Cyberpunk & Steam Punk: One of my absolute favorite Steam Punk settings was a table top game called Rifts. Not only was this steam punk, but it also included every genre known to man within its game world. So, if I can play in something that mix and matches one, some or all the genres I like then I'll absolutely play in this setting. Otherwise, if its pure steam punk (or Cyberpunk) and nothing else, I'll pass.

Supernatural and/or Horror: Depends on the type of Supernatural/Horror. Can I play some kind of Hunter/Human with enhanced/special abilities that enable him to hunt/fight things that go bump in the night? Then absolutely, yes (But no Ghost hunting, please). But if its going to be just a normal person trying to survive the supernatural horror that is chasing him, then that does not appeal to me very much, sorry.

Genres & types of Role-Plays I'm NOT interested in:

Pure Modern AKA Slice of Life: I have tried this and I have found it extremely boring. Sorry, not a fan of this genre.

Furry RP's: While I'm fine if someone wants to play a Furry type of character with one of mine, I will never play a furry myself. So when it comes to strict Furry RP's where both sides are playing a Furry character, sorry. I won't do that because I'm not very interested in it.

Zombie RP's: Absolutely not. I have ZERO interest in this kind of Role-Play.

Discord RP's: Sorry, I won't do RP's on Discord. Only on here.

And pretty much everything else if I did not mention it.

Now for the DOs and DON'Ts. Please click to
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DO Fight Scenes: I love some action in an RP. I don't want just talking scenes, I want some action!

DON'T do one liners: I hate one sentence, or shorter, posts. Please don't do that. I'll stop Role-Playing with you if you do. The ONLY exception to this rule is Trixie's Bar. I'm fine with one liners there, but in a real RP with me, please no one liners.

DO Character Development: LOVE this! It doesn't need to happen in every RP as I prefer it happening naturally and in an organic way. But when it happens, its beautiful. So, please don't force it.

DON'T Shut Me Out: This, right here, is why I stopped Role-Playing on the site that I came from because people kept shutting me out without telling me the problem they had with me and wouldn't give me a chance to talk it over with them, explain myself and apologize. So, if a problem arises between us, PLEASE tell me about it. Keeping it to yourself does not do anyone any favors. Let's talk things over like reasonable, very civil, adults so we can explain to each other our side of the problem and then try and work things out along with apologizing. EVERYONE deserves the benefit of the doubt & a second chance, so please give me one and I will return that courtesy. I cannot emphasize this enough: Exercising a little forgiveness over minor slights (especially unintentional ones) is much better than holding onto a pointless grudge.

DO give me advice. I'm NOT asking you to be a Grammar Nazi because everyone makes mistakes. So grammar is NOT what I am asking you're advice on. So, if I make a writing mistake, I want to know about it so I can improve as a writer. Keeping my mistakes to yourself will all but ensure I will end up making the same mistake with someone else. An example of this is doing a Flashback scene with my character just to add fluff to my post. If you're the kind of person who hates that, PLEASE tell me so I can edit it out of my post and stop making that mistake.

DON'T Transform my Characters without my permission first. What if I don't want my character to be transformed into a Vampire, a Werewolf or into the opposite sex? This is why I would love it if you consulted with me first if you want to transform my character into any other form. Thank you.

Role-Playing Sample...

Finally, here is a Role-Playing sample with my character, Superion, just to give everyone a taste on what my style is like. Please click to
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Considering the recent events that have happened to Superion, he has a lot to think about. A woman from an alien planet claims to be his betrothed and wants him to go home with her. But one question plagues the Man of Steel and that is simply this: How can this woman be his betrothed when they are light years apart? Someone out there had to know who, and where, Superion was.

To be perfectly honest, Superion has no desire to marry this woman. He wants to remain on Earth and eventually marry someone here and not some alien planet he hasn't been to since he was a child. He is only an alien and an outcast his whole life.

Although Superion wishes to say no to his betrothed, he needs answers and the only place to get them is to visit an alien world.. But that means leaving Earth and the rest of his family. It might be temporarily or forever depending on how this new direction in life takes him. But if Superion stays on Earth, he will not get the answers he is searching for. And he has a gut feeling his betrothed will not like that option and might do something to endanger innocents. Superion knows this because his betrothed thinks of herself as superior to humans. She looks upon this as a human would an ant. And that right there is exactly why Superion has no desire to marry such a woman. She's too cold, too distant.

Superion talks to his friends and co-workers. They are all in agreement. Do not go with this alien woman, regardless of why she could be his betrothed. Ultimately, it doesn't matter, he doesn't belong on an alien world because Earth is his home.

Hal informs his betrothed and she looks at him with a look that says she is not surprised at all by his answer, "I knew that would be your answer. So, I made preparations."

Restraints come out of no where, made of a material even Superion cannot break. Even as he struggles, the woman smiles, "Your coming with me whether you like it or not."

Superion wonders what the restraints are made of that not even he can break them, "No, don't!"

Those are his last words as energy surrounds him and he is beamed onto a ship in orbit where that ship then goes into hyperspace and to another world, taking Superion with it.

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Knight is such a rare gem. They are kind and sweet and seems like a genuinely good friend and person. I enjoy looking at their character profiles. I am not really into fantasy or sci-fi stuff but they do a good job with their character creation! They are awesome sauce :3 Helpful Great sense of humor - Bloomish
A very kind user who is good at placing boundaries, judging by their profile. They have some rules more people could live by, and besides giving me a lovely and generous kudos, they seem quite respectful and good at expressing theirself. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Shinyrainbowlithogra

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