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I've been here for few weeks now... I think 3 at the time of this writing, and I am enjoying my time.
I am quite an active player, usually capable of at least one post a day, and depending on the day, usually more.
I'm dump friendly, just let me know that you don't think it's working out and I'll wish you well, no hard feelings. I don't have time for drama and I certainly don't have any interest in forcing a player to continue in a role or a story that they have no interest in.

In real life I have a wife and children, and they will always be my priority. I also work full time and this too has to take precedence over my RP time. But despite that, I can still usually get in at least one post a day.

I enjoy all kinds of genres - fantasy, urban/modern fantasy, sci fi, superheroes, angels/demons and whatever else. I am not a big fan of slice of life. I will give it a go, but it has to be exceptionally good to keep my interest for any length of time. This is not about the other player's talent but about my pickiness on the genre.

I don't have many limits in intimate play, and my characters decide on their own kinks and limits if they have anything extra.
Things I will never ever play is vore, bestiality, bodily fluids or underage romance, and I'm not especially young anymore, so will absolutely not play with anyone under the age of 18, but to be honest, the older the player is the better.

Any other scenes that are not intimacy related are open, I don't care about swearing or about gore, so I let my play partner decide on that, but I'm from London originally (though live in PST time zone now) so I can have a really bad mouth - though I also don't swear excessively. If swearing really offends you, I may not be the kind of player you want to play off of, though if you will forgive slip ups, I am capable of controlling my mouth... mostly.

I keep IC and OOC strictly separate. I'm happy to chat OOC, and can often reply OOC even if I am currently unable to write out a play post. But conversation must remain appropriate. As I mentioned above, I am married, and I very much love my wife. In the past, there have been occasions where I've had to stop playing because the partner I was playing off of could not stop flirty or inappropriate comments (like how wet they were over a smut scene for example). I did not really want to add this paragraph because I am not writing it under the assumption that this is how players are here, it's not even been very common, but it has happened and I am writing it to just be up front about that limit.

I also want to mention, my characters can be opinionated arseholes. Sometimes my play will involve their thoughts and I will write it in a way that's not their active thoughts but is kind of an explanation for their actions, especially during conflict between characters. This is not me as the player pushing my thoughts into the play, this is solely my character's mindset.
If you ever believe my own opinion as a player is leaking into play, please feel free to ask me. But I assure you, if I felt I needed to share something with you about the play itself, I would be up front and speak to you player to player :)

If you're ever looking for a player for something, hit me up anytime. If I have the time and space for another RP, I'll happily jump into something. :)

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I am stunned by how fantastic this guy is! He is a wickedly amazing writing partner; I look forward to reading and replying to every single post I get from him. So much so that we have TWO plays going together; and I adore each of our dynamics, and couples. Both of them are in my top five. Vaelstorm is a creative and passionate storyteller, who pays attention to absolutely every detail in my often overflowing posts, and makes sure his posts compliment the details in mine. - MercyInReach
I do not thank this guy enough for writing with me - because our plays are fantastic and I can't get enough of them. We've been writing together for quite a while now, and seeing as he's the first person I met on here, we've come a long way! We've got two different plays going, each with multiple characters who we get to explore in depth, which always keeps things fresh and entertaining. Vaelstorm is a supremely talented writer, but also a great friend/cool dude - really glad I met him! - Atrevida

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