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Feel free to bug me to get on my alts if you wanna rp with them instead!

About Me:
Knows nothing on this earth matters more than tolerance and respect for everyone.
Online Sales, Social Media Manager and Web Designer, part time meme maker.
Working on an RPG Setting book.
Single and pringle, looking for a sweet boy to hold hands with.
DnD, Genesys, Dragon Age RPG, Honey Heist.

I'm usually on when I can be, I play DnD very often so I might not be on that night.

"I may not be the pretty woman you want, I'm just the girl you deserve." - Dating Tagline.

  • Been rping since a little bab.
  • I like to play unconventional characters that fill a weird niche or unexplored part of a story timeline.
  • You may know me as Vauban or Compile in the old rp days.
  • I went on to move onto other sites and environments.
  • I mostly play games irl (DnD, Dragon Age RPG, SWRPG and Genesys)
  • I have been diagnosed with Clincial Depression and C-PTSD. I just have to live with that, bros.
  • I was a co-owner of a gaming community for about 6+ years. For 5 years I was a faction lieutenant for a retired MMO.
  • I was a secret helper for the Camarilla.
  • I volunteered at OP shops, Clothing Donations, and a Victims Support Center.
  • Weird flex but someone had a kid named after me.

Likes: Writing, Graphic design, Video Games, Sci-fi, Birds, Aliens, Cults, and my undying respect for the Ocean.

I know: CSS, HTML, some Basic JavaScript and generic programming.

What I'm Itching For: Sci-Fi stuff, c'mon where my alium bros at? I have a clone of a lost cosmonaut looking for a place to play around in.

Reasons to marry me
We'd eat pizza and listen to good music together and we'd probably make love 14 times a week and play video games.

About You
An anonymous viewer of profiles. You are a beautiful specimen, the ultimate goal of humanity. There has never been anyone like you. Nor will there ever be one again. You have always been right and deserve more appreciation than you get.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a nice day, and happy roleplaying.

Post Length: Don't Care
Brevity is the Soul of Wit. I have no qualms with short posting or anything under a certain limit. I find it unreasonable to ask people to constantly post more than necessary. A good piece of writing, or a good speech, should be brief and concise. Personally, I post a paragraph and a bit more.

Age: Be over 18
If you're old enough to vote (18+), I will rp with you. If you aren't, C'mon dude.

Who I RP with: Anyone
I will try Roleplaying with anyone at least once. But that doesn't say I have some minimal standards of characters, I don't really need to know what your blood type is, but I'd like to know what their personality is like, what their goal in life is and just general visual stuff like hair colour or eyes.

Of course, I never really have any hang ups about people I haven't met before and I do not judge by others opinions. I will have to make my own judgements. Whomever I decide to RP with has no merits of who I am as a person behind the character and they do not blemish me.

OOC Plot Discussion: Open to anything.
Discuss with me OOCly if you ever need anyone or need help with something or you have an issue. I'm a natural empath and very forgiving, it's literally my Mission Objective irl to be a forgiving soul and be I'm willing to try anyone and anything out once. I like talking, planning and discussing with new people and RPing with some out there characters.
The Deeps
I have the Deeps. (My petword for Clincial Depression and C-PTSD.) I may appear distant sometimes or flat out refuse to rp, it's just a symptom. This isn't me saying "shut up I'm never talking to you ever again" I'm actually saying "I just want to sit and talk about anything with people and not do anything incredibly intense."

I'll come around eventually, and if I'm genuinely interested in rp I will just admit it flat out, or do an open post. Please note there's nothing against you, it's just me. I just have to live with that, bros.

My Art: OC Donut Steel
I'm flattered you love me but, please don't steal my art. Character Images are entirely original! I drew or commissioned nearly all of the images here and I am always doodling or writing something. I often don't feel good enough to advertise my art but may draw you randomly if your design catches my eye. If you want some art for an artless character, please just ask, just remember I have every right to say no. I don't mean it personally, it just means I might be too busy or the order is a little bit too tall for me.

Timezone: GMT 10+
I live in Australia and I have a completely different timezone (GMT 10+) to a majority of the population, I'm a regular! Generally, in the USA perspective, I'm on around 8pm to 8am, but if I need to be earlier I can make sacrifices.

Salt Level: High
I'm not an easy person to get close too but please don't take it personally. I intend to make bonds but it's hard for me to trust people - if I seem distant or uncaring it's because I don't know any better, I always will be ready for chatting about everything but don't take my stonewall approach too seriously.

Elitism: Bad
Elitism isn't okay. It rustles my jimmies so much! Stuff like asking if I'm worthy enough, treating me like a pest, judging others by art style, picking apart minor errors, or just treating me or anyone else like one of your little toys; I will not accept that. I also have no interest in people who have make a point to shade other's creativity and characters for being "Mary Sues." I am a firm believer that everyone is their own free bitch, do your own stuff as long as you anit hurting other people and aren't causing problems.

These are things no one really appreciates and it just goes to show how much of an unlikeable person you really are.

OOC =/= IC
I disassociate IC and OOC. I am always happy to make OOC friends, this is a social game afterall. But, IC and OOC are rarely connected and often I really don’t mind who you are behind the character. I think you’ve heard it enough times. Feel free to do some crazy things with my characters, I don’t mind, but please don't do crazy things with me OOCly.

Circlejerking: No
I don't like to circlejerk. I don't like blowhards who usually end up chatting about themselves to the point of redundancy. Pompous, self-congratulatory chats, peacocked character designs, species wank and exclusive RP are all things which will immediately turn me off. Generally, I want to discussing something interesting or informative in an open environment.
2 worms forever

Rave Reviews

This little birb meme has become a very treasured member of our community very quickly. <3 She's heckin hilarious and her roleplay is both well written and entertaining. I've gotten the chance to write with her in a few of our events and I can safely say that I walked away glad that she decided to come write with us. <3 If you get the chance, RP with Valiant and check out her character Liu. - Rot

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