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I have fun in the sun and swoon for the moon.
I'm Valie, the friendly fluff.
I'm a mother of an amazing ten year old girl, Penny, and the wife to one awesome dude named Ian.
We have two dogs, Goomba and Piper, who we love dearly.

I like to read a lot, though Dumas is my favorite author. I'm a sucker for the Three Musketeers, the Counte of Monte Cristo.... yeah, I love my french lit.
Art done by Alluvial
Video games? I'm a huge Legend of Zelda fan, though I rarely have time for much gaming.

I spend way too much time roleplaying and thankfully have a few great friends that indulge me.
Art done by Alluvial

Anything else you want to know? Just message. I don't bite, though I do spoil. <3

Rave Reviews

Time apart can never separate good friends, and Valie is an incredible woman I can come back to knowing that when my world shakes, she's on the other end of the disaster with the words to help me back onto my feet. She cares for so many people beyond herself and it is beautiful. She fills in as little spots of sunshine in my soul. - barkeyst
Valie is the sweetest cookie I know (even if there is a pinch of salt in it). She is the kind of person who will go above and beyond to take care of her friends -- or drive halfway across the country just to see you. She is so generous with both her time and resources, and nothing is more important to her than family, both blood and chosen. I admire her for her strength and for her kindness, and she is someone I strive to emulate in all ways. - Auberon

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  • Iverson (played by Valie) has made the acquaintance of Trevor (played anonymously), Honey (played anonymously).(About 6 days 6 hours ago)
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  • Mina gave Valie kudos:
    An actual angel sugar baby. Valie is a kind soul and a person I have found myself eternally grateful to have met. She's talented, too! I love what she can do when it comes to creating wonderful characters. Talking with Valie feels as good as sitting next to a nice campfire on a chilly fall evening. I never feel out of place with her, and I couldn't be happier to call her my friend. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
    (About 1 week 6 hours ago)
  • Valie gave Henderson kudos:
    Henderson is someone I wish I could have met ten years ago to start roleplaying with. A treat from beginning to end both in and out of character. Easily one of my favorite people to spend time with. I can not praise this wonderful being enough. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor
    (About 1 week 1 day ago)
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