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Slowly, but steadily, getting back into RPing again.
Don't hurt me if I leave/don't feel like RPing for a long while, m'kay? That's just how it is~

Now, moving on!

Yes, I am female.
Yes, I am single.
No, I am not interested in e-lationships.
No, I do not want to go out with you.

Been RPing on and off for about 10-15 years now. Some of you that know me well, or those that don't, I tend to take long ass breaks between RPing. I could be here for a few weeks then gone for the next couple years or so.

My RPs consists of mostly adult themes so please, be an adult on your end, too.
Fighting RPs are fun. I do enjoy them helluva lot. Wanna fight my characters? Let's do battle!
Smut RPs are just as fun but I like to have a bit of backstory behind it, y'know?

Whenever you see me online, I am most likely ready and up for RP. Just message me, either here or on furc, and let's discuss plots!

shout out to my friends, you know who you are!

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Rave Reviews

I've been an acquaintance of Nessie, Loch Nessie for a few years now and feel ashamed of myself for never posting a Kudos.
They're a delight to have in San Angeles, to joke around with, and to poke harmless fun at.
They told me their secret desires to become a Hot Topic manager and promote the black and red style all around the world.
I supported them whole-heartedly because they truly are a great person with a great sense of humor.
I hope I get to rp with them soon. Ronan Vs. Ryu - Go! - cferretrun
What can be said about this lovely woman, other than she always brings a good time! Yoshino has guts as well as a load of heart. I never leave a RP disappointed with this one, and I am happy to know her :3 - CrescentNomad

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