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Time zone: EEST (GMT +2)
18+ OOC & IC required (preferably 21+)

Ongoing RPs: 8
Current response time: 1-2 days
Accepting new RP partners: YES!

Hiya! Vaporwave here! ^^

I have extensive knowledge in text-based roleplaying as I've been writing, on and off, for over a decade now. Below you can find more about me. My DMs are always open, so don't hesitate to reach out if you want to say hello or brainstorm ideas!

🫶 Favourite genres 🫶

✧ Slow-burn romance
✧ Drama
✧ Fantasy
✧ Slice of life
✧ Medieval
✧ Horror
✧ Dystopian


🏄 About me 🏄

✧ Passions: photography, singing, skateboarding, digital art (examples of my style can be found on Caspian's, Amadeo's and Ciro's profiles), video editing, animation, making playlists/Pinterest boards

✧ I'm bilingual - English is my second language and I've been speaking it since I was very young, yet still please take time to excuse me for any mistakes I might be making when communicating with you OOC or IC

✧ I'm 21+, currently in my early 20s, but already having a mid-life crisis


🎭 About my characters 🎭

✧ They are all male on my profile at the moment, although I do have a few female characters who do not have a profile here on the site yet! Updates will be made soon, along with character designs attached.

✧ Unless their sexual orientation is specified, they are all pan.

✧ They are not self-inserts, so they do not represent who I am in real life. If they address something in a meaner tone or act a certain way, please do not assume that is also who I am. There's a reason we have IC and OOC communication, so let's keep them separate! If there is anything you feel the need to discuss regarding something my characters do, don't hesitate to message me and we can talk about it :)

✧ I'm working on giving each of their profiles playstyle charts, but until then, we mustn't obliterate each other's characters unless they can be revived (depends on the RP genre, of course).

✧ All imagery I have of my characters in which illustrations are used is my work, so I cannot underline enough how I DO NOT ALLOW anyone to use my art anywhere without my permission. Artists and decent people will understand, I'm sure.

✧ Last but not least, most of these little fictional people have been with me through thick and thin over the years, so yes, if I'm asked about them I will most likely start rambling ^_^ Talking about OCs is my second favourite activity apart from art - or was it the other way around...? XD


✒️ About my writing style ✒️

✧ My posts range anywhere from 400-2500+ words/4-12+ paragraphs, but usually I try to keep my replies around 6 paragraphs for manageability's sake. Although between you and me, I also enjoy going overboard and giving you loads to read! Sometimes I like it when my writing partners and I write books at each other ^^

✧ As far as posting frequency goes, I'm able to respond multiple times a week, usually once per day or every 2-3 days. I try not to leave you hanging without a warning but sometimes life hits me out of nowhere! Sorry in advance!

✧ I love to brainstorm and plot! So hit me up with ideas!


✍️ Writing preferences/requirements ✍️

✧ Paragraphs are a must (at least 4 per reply)
✧ Use good grammar
✧ Writing in 3rd person
✧ Unleash your creativity every chance you get!
✧ Characters and players must be +21
✧ Characters can be any gender and sexuality


🚫 Triggers/Limits 🚫

Extreme gore
Age play
Extreme abuse
Bathroom stuff
Underage characters


If you think we'd be a good match, DM me to work something out!


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Rave Reviews

Very easy going OOC. Kind and understanding. Flawless writing. I definitely hope to write with Vaporwave again. Long posts Fast responses - Stormiedayz
If you get a chance to write with Vaporwave, you won't regret it! Their elegant prose is always a pleasure to read, and their willingness to chat OOC really helps the story develop! You'll be hard pressed to find a better person to collaborate with. :) Wonderful writer Long posts - Serafina

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