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"No matter how small and niche and insignificant something might seem, the very act of researching, or spending time with, or caring for it imbues it with meaning. To you, and to the people you share it with."


We paint white roses red,
Each shade from another person's head.

RPR Item Wishlist

Display Case / Pets
Always Needing
Just would like to keep on-hand
Gift Bags / Boxes
Favorite TTS Gif
RP Information

Writing Example
Adjustable Length / Freeform / 3rd Person
Vampire Varian AU

An assistant...

Though Varian longed to be something more than assistant; he knew he had to work his way up from the bottom. He had to start small, even if he didn't care to start small... It was obvious too, because a lot of his inventions or alchemy blew up and caused chaos throughout the village he lived in, in-fact, so much that he had to move to the outskirts of the place to not draw attention to himself anymore, since he was a vampire and vampires not very welcomed in the village of Old Corona, or much of anywhere around here, to be fair.

Varian hoisted his backpack onto his back for what felt to be the thousandth time during this walk.
Ruddiger skittered alongside the pale, fanged boy, occasionally chasing the beetles on the ground.

It was midnight, or somewhere between then.
Varian slept during the day, yes, but he also liked to stay up late some nights, which caused him to have to quickly close the curtains when he realized it was becoming daylight outside. When absorbed in his alchemy, everything was out of his mind except for alchemy.

"Almost...there, Ruddiger." Varian lowly said, adjusting his backpack yet again.
Ruddiger chirped in response, continuing to chase the beetles.

Tangled Franchise
Despicable Me Franchise
Twisted Wonderland (EN)
The Umbrella Academy (TV)
Five Night's At Freddy's
Le Petit Prince (Book/Movie)
Disney's Hercules Movie
Newsies: The Broadway Musical
Artemis Fowl (Movie/Book)
Spongebob Squarepants
Disney's Aladdin
Victorian Era
Wild Western

Dark Themes
Found Family
Pacts, Deals and Contracts (Oh my!)
Secret Badass
Immoral Kid
Inheriting Family Secrets
Needs Saving
(*Unless of a Fandom Ship I like!)
Modern Day
DnD Fantasy
Will NOT Do
S*xual RP
Fandom Ships I don't like
Triggering Material
OP Characters
Overall Triggers
V*m*ting / N*se*a
Deep Wounds to the Chest or Stomach
Main Character Death
P*nic att*cks / Hyperv*ntilating
P*lls/swallowing p*lls
Heavy/Realistic Religious Themes*
(*Fictional/made-up ones are okay with me!)

Visual Only Triggers
Error Screens/Glitches (Some)

Seeking RP?:
Yes! PM Me! :)
petrock-geode-icon.png Cassandra The Amethyst Geode Rock
Named after Cassandra from Tangled: The Series due to the purple geode resembling her necklace.

walrus-necro-icon.png Graben The Walrumancer
Named after an old OC, Graben, who was a nervous gravedigger with a curse.

walrus-icon.png Walrapunzel The Walrus
Named after Rapunzel from the Tangled Franchise. My first pet, won from a raffle.

petrock-coolhat-icon.png Freidborg the Mossy Pet Rock
Named after Friedborg from Tangled: The Series due to the rock's goofy little googly eyes.

petrock-flatty-icon.png Stan the Flat Pet Rock
Named after Stan from Tangled: The Series.

petrock-chungus-icon.png Pete the Lumpy Pet Rock
Named after Pete from Tangled: The Series.

petrock-tigereye-icon.png Quirin the Pet Tiger Eye
Named after Quirin from Tangled: The Series. I should be ashamed of myself. If You Know You Know.

petrock-flatty-icon.png Georgio the Flat Pet Rock
Retrieved from the "Take A Rock, Leave A Rock" Group Treasury. Unknown name origin.

About Varian-Vee, that's me!
ENFP-T - He/They - Best Friends with HoneyBlossom since November of the year 2022 - Favorite TTS Episode is "Great Expo-Tations" from Season 1 - Created the "Tangled Symbol" Riddle in EW23 - RPR User since October 2022

Looking for names you can call me?
- Varian-Vee / Varian / Vee / V
- Riddle-Ree / Riddle
- Epel-Eee / Epel

Extra Vee-Info
- Varian / Vee / V (by many people)
- Vee-Bee (by -Knight-)
- Little Pickle / Petit Cornichon (by Lambert)
- Lil' Bean Sprout (by Astrobeans)
- Satyr (by SoulHeart57, Reithesniper and Astrobeans)

Group Designing Commissions
OPEN (Costs: 2 Enchanted Silk Cloaks or 1 Dragon Tooth)

Rave Reviews

I haven't roleplayed with Vee but I have talked with them here and there on the site chat. I love the passion they have for their fandom and it has admittedly gotten me to look at some YT clips for it. Such a kind and awesome person, if I ever really get into Tangled, I would love to role play with you some time! Keep being awesome you! Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - AquaCharm
We roleplayed very little, but he's someone I already know I'm going to love doing it with. It makes me feel very comfortable, and it is something that I value a lot. I'm excited for the stories we can create <3 Creative ideas Fast responses - lleuadamaris_

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