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Varian and Cassie PFP By: HoneyBlossom
Varian Banner By: Me

Do not use the pfp nor the banner without my permission.
These were made specifically for me and upsets me if it is used, especially without permission from me.

"No matter how small and niche and insignificant something might seem, the very act of researching, or spending time with, or caring for it imbues it with meaning. To you, and to the people you share it with."


tumblr_pfouepKM481w3vjj1o1_400.png Hey RPR'rs!
I'm Varian-Vee, you can call me Varian or Vee, I don't mind. I'm a idiot who loves Tangled and won't hesitate to ramble about it to you because that's just what I do here.

Fπ•£π•–π•–π•—π• π•£π•ž, 𝔸𝕕𝕛𝕦𝕀π•₯𝕒𝕓𝕝𝕖 π•ƒπ•–π•Ÿπ•˜π•₯𝕙, πŸ™π•©πŸ™

- Victorian
- 1950s
- Solarpunk
(AU or Group RP)
- Post-apocalyptic
(Non-zombie related unless specified otherwise...)
- Superheroes
- Angst/Whump
(Please check my triggers before roleplaying this)


- Tangled: The Series
(Please RP this with me, I beg you--)
- The Umbrella Academy
(TV Adapt.)
- Minions: Rise of Gru
(or anything Despicable Me, really!)
- Five Night's At Freddy's
(Currently just FNAF 1, with slight knowledge of other games' lore)
- Sweet Tooth
(TV Adapt.) (Up to Episode 2)
- Twisted Wonderland
(Up to Book 4 // Chapter 39)
- Artemis Fowl
(Movie Adapt.) (I'm reading the book, I swear I am--)
- Vocaloid (GHOST and Pals, mostly)
- The Mysterious Benedict Society
(Up to Season 1, Episode before Last Episode)
- Atlantis: The Lost Empire
(Haven't watched the sequel, so that isn't included)
- Disney's Hercules
- Disney's Aladdin
(Classic 1992 Movie is preferred)
- Victorian novels
(Such as; "Oliver Twist", "The Secret Garden", "Great Expectations")


- Found Family
- One-Sided Pining
(Specifically Varian pining over Cassandra XD)
- Battle Butler
(or any unlikely-to-be-bada** profession like that)
- Secretly an Assassin
(similar to the above trope)
- Human/Angel/Demon is friends with a Demon/Human/Angel
- Villain Redemption Arc
- Polar Opposites
(especially siblings omg)
- Quiet Bada**
- Dysfunctional Family
(think Umbrella Academy)

- Potential TW Tropes -
- Kidnapped Character must be saved by Other Character
- Poisoned Character has to be taken care of by Other Character
- "You're hurt!"
- Character's wounds are treated by Other Character
- Sickly Victorian Boy
- Dark spins on not-so-dark stories


- Please try not to ghost me.
- Respect my triggers and I'll respect your triggers.
- If something bothers me, I'll let you know, do the same in-return.
- Follow rules of RP ADs (if I have them open and public)
- OOC does not mean IC
- What happens on RPR, stays on RPR.
( It gives me extreme anxiety if someone has mentioned me off-site. Anonymously or not. If you have any problems involving faceclaims, PM me and I will do something about it for you!)


- Emetophobia
- Not being able to breath and/or detailed quick, uncontrollable breathing (This includes the mention of Panic Attacks)


- Future Cassarian
(Varian x Cassandra // Tangled: The Series)
- New Dream
(Rapunzel x Eugene Fitzherbert // Tangled Franchise)


Rave Reviews

Generally a person I can vibe with B) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Anakisuto
One of my favorite things abouts vee how Kind and funny they are. It makes me feel wonderful to talk with them. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - GU7TMUNCH3RZ

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