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I'm Vee! (or Varian!), I'm this clumsy idiot whose obsessed over Varian and Cassandra from Tangled: The Series, alchemy, science, roleplay and broadway musicals. You'll often find me talking about, drawing, writing about, cosplaying as, daydreaming of Tangled: The Series, and I am proud of my passion.

(Looking for a Varian and Cass Matching PFP Buddy, I claim Varian.)

Are you available to RP?: Yes
Can I PM you?: Yes

I go by EST (Eastern Standard Time), if you want to compare our timezones, try searching; "Est to YOURTIMEZONEHERE" to compare! I do it too, myself, or even keep secondary clocks.


Please make sure to list your triggers so I don't have to ask! I have listed mine a little ways down my profile behind a collapse and a spoiler BB code tag. :-)


I'm seeking "Dragon's Tooth" and "Enchanted Silk Cloak" ALWAYS, as I am always making new characters because to be honest, I'm kind of add*cted to it, lol. XD


I really love these fandoms:
- Tangled and Tangled: The Series** (Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure)
- Newsies: The Broadway Musical*
- Twisted Wonderland (America/Europe Servers)**
- The Umbrella Academy (Show) (Never seen, but I know basic plot and characters)
- Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
- Edward Scissorhands
- Pokemon TV, Game and Manga series*
- Classic Disney Movies (Specifically "Aladdin", "Hercules", "Snow White")
- The Mysterious Benedict Society (Show)*

* = Doesn't roleplay this at all.
** = Would love to roleplay~


Characters I have:
Anonymously played Male Characters (PM/DM for details)
Varian Rudiger (Tangled: The Series)
Cassandra (Tangled: The Series)
Luca Barnes Haller (belongs to me)

Retired Characters (No longer have):
Wayward Varian (Wayward AU Fancomic | Tangled: The Series)
Onceler Twiceler (Based on "The Once Ler" from The Lorax)


I'm very interested in:
    Scientific RPs (Laboratories, Doctors, Chemistry (and alchemy!) Experiments, etc...)
    Medieval Royalty
    Victorian Nobility
    Humanoid beings (Demonic creatures, horned beings, experiments, etc...)
    Abnormal Colleges (Think "Twisted Wonderland" or "The Umbrella Academy")
    New York (1899-1950s)
    Gothic Fantasy (Think Vampires)
    Dark/Angst Stories (*banging on the table in the tune of
this* Give me, Give me, that stuff, stuff.)
My fandoms, ha ha.


I do not RP these things:
- 18+/NSFW Romance (*screeches loudly*)
- Romance (except for lil'crushes, he he-)
- Futuristic Sci-fi (Too complicated!)
- Horror (Dark and scary is fine, horror is not.)

My Triggers

V*m*ting/G*gg*ng (I am Emetophobic...)
P*nic at**cks (Affects my breathing in real life.)





Rave Reviews

Roleplaying with vee is amazing! I wish I could put more than one best quality, so I chose the two I think best describes them! they are an absolutely wonderful writer and has very creative ideas! I loved roleplaying with them so far and cannot wait to roleplay with them more! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - XenoverseSurvivor

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