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So just to give you the rundown of how I work.
I post once a day, usually after 4:00PM Eastern Time, because I have work.
The Posting time will increase if I really enjoy the story.

I write mostly 1 or more paragraphs.
I will always let you know if I'm not going to post for a day.
Because I'm sick, or family matters.

If the story is lacking and I lose interest I will tell you.
Either to be fixed or to be shut down.

Another thing I can't stress enough is I never force my character into relationship situations.
I like the flow of a natural bond.
If they don't click it is what it is.

I usually use a cast of up to 4 characters.
So that your character can choose which character they WOULD prefer to interact with the most.

I am very open to OOC, I love plotting behind the scenes.
I am by absolutely no means afraid of getting my character hurt or killed for the sake of a good story.
Character growth is important to me.



Tools For my Personal use.
GIMP 2.0

Hemingway Editor

Google CoinFlip
Google Coin Flip Automatic

Dice roll




Height Comparison
(For Storing My World Information)

Chrome Music Labs

Google Docs

Text Symbols


Smell Descriptions


Private Drawing Room


AI Checkers
Tricky AI
Optional AI


(Some of the Behind Scenes)

Creative Chibi Collection - Big Yautja Fan

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Rave Reviews

What more is there to say that hasn't been said already. Amazing and creative a sweetheart to talk to and someone who loves a good story. I have him to thank for a lot of the improvement I've gone through while writing and role playing mostly from feeling like my own writing was quite plain compared to his. I found myself really reading our role play and getting sucked into its story each and every time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - yzaiskane
Veezly deserves this kudo simply for how creative they are! The word in which their characters reside are beautifully fleshed out. They feel alive despite their fantastical elements because of how much care Veezly puts into building them. The beautiful and lovingly drawn art and choice to put music in their posts make them engaging and just plain fun to read! And I do dearly hope that we'll continue to roleplay in the future after this story ends. - Gear

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