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Re-working this up a bit.
There isn't much to tell other then I've been roleplaying since I was 10.
I have plenty of experience but there is always room to learn more.

Feel free to PM the account with questions or requests.

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I write mostly 1 or more paragraphs and try to give my partner something to work with, maybe an unexpected surprise, or a bit of humor.
But this doesn't mean I like to lead the rp, I actually enjoy surprise input.
Allot of rps are more so Lead and Follow, but I really find Lead and Leads nice, because I do allot of the put in effort upfront.
OOC is my favorite form of communication, I will spam you for ideas.
On the other hand, I will let you know if an RP is lacking interest, to either fix it or to just shut it down.

Allot of the time I'm pretty quick to OOC, but when it comes to IC, I take more time to reply because I'm usually thinking of how I wish to approach things.


Tools I use.
GIMP 2.0
Hemingway Editor
Google CoinFlip
Google Dice Roll, 1d20

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Rave Reviews

V is such a very cool individual. I can talk with V, and he listens. V was one of the first to give my violinist, Maestro, a chance for rp. And if that wasn't enough, he took interest and tackled new rp with Conall and Q as well. V is one of the people who helps give my confidence a boost, even if I still am uncertain at times. And he'll even gladly look over my OC's and give his thought on them. He's also fun to rp with, and I love his A1 Solar System that he created all on his own. Fantastic! - Winters_Fury
Veezly is the nicest person you will ever meet. He even drew a fantastic piece of character art for my character Saddie Parker. He's so kind and very good at roleplaying, always detailed and perfectly expressive. I love him and I know you guys will too. - Suffering

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