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No I do not only have 2 characters.
I have 43 totally characters and more coming. You must click on my A1 solar system or Realm of D2 , and go to the character section.
If you have questions, ask me, I am not mind reader and don't plan on being one.

*I use colored text, music and 6d87ba541d8726e2b553e2bd492e806d.png in my posts
*I wont roleplay SMUT without a story
*I enjoy partners and roleplays with humor
*If I really enjoyed our roleplay I will ask to draw your character
*If I don't get a reply in a few days, I will check on you once a week.
*If I am ghosted by you, I will not partner with you again
*And, If I feel un-inspired by a couple posts in, I will inform you of that, and ask to have the story dropped.

*Uninterested plot offering
*No click of interest between the characters and story
*To many mistakes
*Story has gone on to long.
*Your Character is not what I'm looking for.
*Not enough OOC communication.
*Response time was too long. (This varies depending on person and the circumstances)

All from my personal experiences

Want to read a bit about me, try my horribly drawn comic bellow to get to know me.

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Here's an example
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Oh the lights, they are so nicely glistening against the glass.

But upon seeing the man, he wouldn't even bother to look at him.
No, now he cared not for him, but for those lights.
He wanted to get closer, but he admired from afar.
Could he get closer, the man is in the way.
He would find a way, soon, maybe later.

With seeing the mans movement much opposite to his own,
he could understand that he had taken a seat down.
But, it was not this that peaked his head up from his hanged state.
He would find that it was that voice he has been playing tug of war with over desire to hear.
The part between his hair, the very gap that shed the most light on his hidden face would come into view.
His eye would search for the voice, and find him.

He was asking him something, about what he likes, what did he like.
What was he talking about?
Was he addressing the very lights that he too would come to like.
The hunger returns, viol urge.

He looks back at the light.
He hates this, this man, being here with him, addressing that it was him still.
But, he could not get the calming tone out of his head, it fought back the ringing that came with silence, and he loathed that sound.

Slowly, he would push his weight to the wall, push himself up from the floor, smear the blood of the man, and then walk.
Walk slow, step after step, carefully towards the light, towards the glass and stare as it only got bigger upon his perusal.

He would indeed find this bridge, see it as decoration that made all the lights stand out.
This was a city, and he was inside a building.
Inside a mans home.
He was here because, someone wanted him fixed, to which he put no faith in anyone.
They were invaders, and he was doing them a favor, keeping the hunger at bay.
Why can't they see that like he sees it.

He stands in front of the glass, looking around, looking at all the lights.
Until he would find it, the very light that kept him content with bliss, bliss to want to keep looking that is, for as long as he could, maybe for forever.

Lifting a hand, the one that did not carry the pencil that was easing slowly from his grip.
He would point at a set of light that that shined the brightest blues.
He did not know what those lights where, what they could be, but he imagined they were lovely, calming.
Of course they were calming.

He muttered, staring at them.
The pencil would fall, and hearing it fall didn't bother him.
He cared less for it, the more he looked, the more he longed to touch the every light he was pointing at.

He would turn his head slowly, to look at the man.
To stare at him, and to feel an unwanted desire, a hate, he could not look, he wanted to stare at the lights.
So he returning to the blissful show before him and let a faint smile bless his bloodied face with contentment.

He would find that he no longer wished to even stand in it's presence, but sit, so that's what he chose to do.
Slow and careful, he sat in front of the window, and watched the lights.

It nearly felt like time wasn't existent, he could sleep to this, find peace in it.
After all the blues that filled the room the shadows didn't exist, and there seemed not a reason to worry and hide.
It was like other time, when he was exposed to this colors, but he never had a view like this to admire them too.
Never had this glistening, this shimmer that trances him in the first place.
It was always different on the ground, walking through it, he hated the idea of looking up, but liked this version of looking down on it.

The smile would remain, faint and always as a point for retreat.

He would want to go home.
Could he ask, could he leave, he felt it could, there wasn't anything here to fear.
So why reserve his voice.
"I want to go home now".
He whispered, in fear to look at him, to feel that hunger, that hate he carried.


Check my comic reply examples to written posts
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She walks over to him and smiles. "Hey, It's been a while." She puts an arm on the counter and places her head on the palm of her hand, smiling as she leans down. "How are ya doing?" She looks up at him, lightly flicking her tongue over her top lip, still smiling. "Is that guy locked up for good?"



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Story 1

It's a quiet night.
You character has been through some tough times, and for once they get a break, and decide to spend it in solitude.
So they sit at the very edge of a body of water.
The sand under them, and the water crawling near them calmly.
Crickets in the night keep things peaceful, and there's not a sign of another sentient life form around.
They think about all the things in ytheir life, a nice little re-cap, as they close their eyes.

Until they hear a voice, and open their eyes, staring into the face of something, water?


Story 2:

Your character is feeling rather flashy tonight.
They haven't given themselves a treat in a while and they were out with "Friends".
So why not?
Everyone going out to the new bar, they all pay up and chip in to get a good table in the back.
The thing about this bar was, it was nice in the front, but even fancier in the back.
They served nice food and the drinks weren't to bad neither.
However you hear the music they play is up and down sometimes, usually live shows and bands.

Everyone took their seat, but the next show is just about to come on. So everyone holds off on ordering right away and looks to the spotlight on the stage that looks much like something to a run way with steps at the very end.
The lights dim, and the music fills the entire room.

A woman slips out from the black curtains, a mic in her hands and close to her lips.
She sings for the whole room to hear, walking slowly down the cat walk.
Her body like something out of a lava lamp as she moves and it bubbles and sways behind her.
Walking slow and taking her time, she smiles with every minor pause in her singing and looks over every person in the room before locking eyes with your character.
Walking down the steps, she round your characters table, she doesn't seem to look away.
Until the height of the music starts kicking in and she snaps her attention to a different table and grins, twirling and walking around each table, entertaining everyone.
Her dance is one of thrill and happy-ness, enjoying herself as much as the men and woman around are.
Eventually making it passed your characters table and winking before walking back up the steps and dancing on the cat walk, a smile of joy on her face.
When the music really kicks in she has nearly convinced everyone in the room to stand and dance or shake their heads to the songs beat.
The life in the bar never seemed higher, and with that, when it softens and starts coming to an end, she eventually waves to everyone. Walking back for the curtain before finishing the last of her line and taking a bow, slipping back behind the curtain.

Of course hours pass and when your character leaves.
It's raining. So everyone calls it a night.
Your character waves their friends off, they turn and crash into the very singer from before, ultimately dropping all her stuff into a puddle.

Story 3:

Your character has made it quite high in the ranks of their gang, so high that they are promoted to meet a leader of a very very powerful organization.
One they quote, "Worth dying for".

So your character didn't expect them to send a limousine to pick your character and their guards up.
Taking them to god know's where, they only notice that half way through the ride there isn't even a driver.
When they arrive, they notice that they are not the only ones.
5 Other large gang members of high stature arrive along side your character in their own limousines.
To confused to start fighting, they are lead to a large mansion, where they are taken inside and left standing in the middle of the large entrance room.
Everything is literally worth more then the enter members in the room as a whole.
But, their attention along with you characters is taken away when a extremely tall older man walks down the staircase in the lobby towards everyone. Staring directly at your character.

"You all must be hungry, come come, lets talk business".
Waving for the group to follow with a hand paler then bones, in fact ... his hand looks like bones, adorned with jewels and rings.


Story 4:


Your character has been in war with another nation for some time, so long that the original cause of the fighting was lost.
Now it's only natural that when the two enemies see each other, a fight follows.

Your character leading a party to scout around a bit, and when they do the ground gives out from under them, falling deep into some form of pit, they find themselves far from the surface in some sort of stone room that belongs to some kinda of hidden ruins.
Upon looking around, they also notice their not alone and sword meets sword quick.
They stare into the cold icy eyes of their enemy.

After swords clash a few more times, their enemy hollers.
"ENOUGH, we get no where like this".
And the reality is true.
Upon further looking around, bones of fallen men and woman are everywhere.
Further decisions leads to a possible way out of the hidden ruin room, but it cannot be done alone.


That's all I have for now.
PM me if interested, and if you've like to alter some details or add on, let me know.



Thank you so much!

by minamyjul

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Veezly is the nicest person you will ever meet. He even drew a fantastic piece of character art for my character Saddie Parker. He's so kind and very good at roleplaying, always detailed and perfectly expressive. I love him and I know you guys will too. - Suffering
V is such a very cool individual. I can talk with V, and he listens. V was one of the first to give my violinist, Maestro, a chance for rp. And if that wasn't enough, he took interest and tackled new rp with Conall and Q as well. V is one of the people who helps give my confidence a boost, even if I still am uncertain at times. And he'll even gladly look over my OC's and give his thought on them. He's also fun to rp with, and I love his A1 Solar System that he created all on his own. Fantastic! - Winters_Fury

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