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I'm 22 and I still have no earthly idea what I'm doing

I really need to make some more characters

I occasionally suffer from bouts of depression though they are nothing to complain about as they are minor and could be a lot worse. They do leave me a bit down but I do my best to make sure it doesn't impact others, my problems aren't their problems. I'm also very forgetful so please don't feel offended if you haven't gotten a reply in a while, I swear I've just forgotten XD

My likes:
I like a lot of things,
    C-drama called Empresses in the palace
    Music of ALL different kinds
    Reading and writing
    Seriously love gaming but wouldn't consider myself a pro or anything close
As well as a lot of other things but they rank among the most prominent. Also my liking them does not make me especially knowledgeable about them so I may or may not know an obscure fact, so please don't test me.

My dislikes:
    A lot of people around me
    Loud noises (they stress me out).

My hobbies:
    Reading (I need to really like the book but I like reading in general).
    Gaming: Skyrim, any Fallout, CK3, 7DTD, Minecraft and Sims 4 among others

My current project is a series of books I am working on, they're fantasy novels and I hope for it to be over three books with good character development and magic system. (Don't worry, I won't bash you over the head with knowledge about it that you didn't ask for.)

Well that is all I can really say about myself, feel free to reach out to me for whatever reason. I like to chat as well as RP.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day :)

Rave Reviews

Velvet is… Well, she's Velvet. She's so creatively done and so cute it's hard not to see all the things that you might love about this character right off the bat. Beauty within, beauty without she has so much to offer in a flurry of the strange and unpredictable. The character's story is a sad one, but that doesn't seem to get her down, always bouncing back up to stay true to herself and the vision of the character. I just love her story and how she is looking for a cure. - Kruhee

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