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Icon art - Artist Unknown
Cat paw - Nyanfuw
Owl - Starstruckdoodle
Pigeon - Shalmons


chill with any pronouns

I try to reply to role-playing threads at least every 1 - 2 days, depending on the pace of the role-play overall. I usually post over 10 lines, and my average is around 1 - 2 paragraphs. I can comfortably post more depending on the content of the storyline and how many people are involved. I write in the third person tense.

unknown-artist99.png Preferences
I have a strong preference for low technology / medium - high fantasy settings but I am willing to consider sci-fi and post-apocalyptic if the story is particularly good. I have engaged in fandom role-plays before only playing original characters within the setting rather than canon characters.

I am a freelance proof-reader, copy-editor, ghost-writer and copywriter. I also do notetaking occasionally, as well as exam invigilation. The bonus is that for all but the note-taking and invigilation, aside from having deadlines, I can set my own schedule so long as they are met. This means that I am often online and can adapt to the pace of my role-playing partner(s) in terms of responding to threads, groups, or Discord server posts.

Rave Reviews

We haven't been writing together for long but I do enjoy writing with Venefica.
She's very descriptive in her writing and her characters are also very intriguing. Her posts are swift and clear and I hope to read many more. Wonderful writer Fast responses - DeathandtheMaiden
Venefica entered a role-play I did not consider myself to be at my best either IC or OOC, but their patience, respect and understanding as well as their creativity both in and out of character has impressed me. Her characters are detailed and each one I have met, through direct role-play or indirectly in groups we are both apart of, leave me wanting to learn so much more about them. Don't pass up the chance to RP with this friendly and terrific person. :) Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Falyn

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