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Yo. This is my RPR profile. I do things with characters sometimes.

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It's crazy what a small world we live in. This lady is like my life twin from across the states. We have the same exact job, went through the same job training at the same time, like the same things, I mean shit, we're even the same age. Don't even get me started on the same Thanksgiving plates. :v I'm really happy to have met her, she's a treat to chat with and it's always nice to be able to talk to someone who understands what I go through, and she's ever so sweet, to boot! - Healthbar
This was due sooner, as most of the ones I have written were.

Vera has been an amazing friend to me. We've only really known one another for a little over a year now, but it's been really great. I've enjoyed the rp I've had with her as it's been all too amusing. From the weddings to the tavern brawls. There will be many more when our collective minds join together. Take the time to get to know her. She's an angel to talk to and has a heart of gold, no joke. - Djinn-n-Tonic

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