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I never know what to say in these but I enjoy roleplaying and the story that comes from it.

I highly enjoy long story rps, I'm alright with one shots every now and then but they are not my favorite. I'm also very into fantasy rp settings(LotR or Witcher
like settings) but I'm also alright with modern with a fantasy flare (Carnival Row or the Dresden series for examples).

I love paragraph rps, write as much as you want with as much detail as you wish. I'll post to match, please no one liners as there is really nothing to build on.

Rave Reviews

Saxon Balecreek is sooooo weird and I LOVE it! He’s got this feeling about him that I have;t quite seen anywhere else. There is definitely more to him than meets the eye and it makes you want to see more, and more and more! I can’t wait to see where he goes and where his story takes him. He makes such a great addition to the Red Circus! - Kruhee
Vitaly is flexible, shows interest in self character growth, a great contributor. And, overall a kind person and easy to work with. I recommend giving them plots worth while. Fast responses Long-term partner - Veezly

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