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"To be human is to love
Even when it gets too much
I'm not ready to give up"

-To be Human, by Sia, featuring Labyrinth



I live in the Midwest, therefore my timezone is US Central time, and most active usually around 5:00 PM-9:00 PM. I am still active at 6:00 AM-5:00 PM, but my responses will be slower. I have just started another SUPER stressful year, so I'm really sorry for not being online! I am trying to get back into the habit of being active. If I'm not online, it's likely because I'm working on a storyline, working on script, starting an art project, on my Discord, working on important projects, or I'm simply just busy with something else. I try check my inbox frequently, so I try to get my responses out as soon as possible, while making sure they're actually decent replies. If you do not receive a reply while I am online, it is likely because it takes me some time to really get into the full swing of things, and have the big inspiration to work my ideas into the roleplay. I ask that you please bear with me, and have patience!

Current Status
I'm dealing with... a whole lot of shit right now. Things are really on the fence with my parents, despite the distance between us. I've since been doing better for the most part, but still, I can't say I'm not angry with my father. My replies will be quite slow, so please have patience, as I have a lot going on right now. I need to focus on helping myself, as selfish as it sounds.

You can call me Travis, or Kamryn, or you can just call me Bean if you prefer! That's my nickname!

Come, I shall give thee my love and affection!

For anyone who may be curious: I am a demisexual homoflexible, meaning I have a very high preference and attraction to women(as I am female), but am not opposed to having a relationship with a man, to whom I must have a very deep romantic relationship with, both male and female, when it comes to my sexual life.

I love drawing, editing, writing, singing (though I would hardly call myself talented in that field...) calling friends, playing and listening to music, anime, and of course, Role Playing!
I am in love with everything band related, especially Marching Band! I will talk about it every day and can never wait for rehearsal! I love music, and am super passionate about it! I play the Trumpet (which is my main instrument), Clarinet, Piano, and Violin. I love listening to Vocaloid and UTAU! I have a playlist of 400+ songs that I listen to when I draw. Seriously, I am a music nut. Wanna talk music? Hit me up!

Things that Interest Me, Just in Case you want to Talk About Them:
Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End
Akame ga Kill
Kid n Teenagers (webcomic)
Kimi ga Shine/Your Turn to Die

I know I can come across as intimidating, but I can promise you I am extremely carefree and very easy to get along with! Feel free to talk to me about anything, my door is always open! I will always put everything else aside for the well being of others.

My 100% Forever Mood


My Roleplay Rules
-Please do not rule over my characters, or attempt to control them in any way, unless it has been established that it is the role play type we are doing!
-I do MxM, FxF, and on occasion, MxF. I do best in MxM, despite my own sexuality
-I am not opposed to sexual situations, and am comfortable with playing one out, although it is not something I consider myself particularly good at. I would make the assumption that you don't think that is what I spend my every waking moment writing and studying. I will not do an all explicit roleplay, as I find it hard to do such without developing the character relationship first. I usually play a submissive role, as it is one I am very familiar with myself, but if that is the role you play, and would like me to play the more dominant role, I won't mind in the slightest!
-I do not roleplay with furries, I apologize deeply. It has never been an interest of mine, and I find it very hard to get into. I don't roleplay human pets either, as it just seems very degrading to me. I do not mind halfbreeds(such as werewolves or nekos), just as long as they don't act like domesticated animals.
-Please have patience! My responses can take me a while!
-I ask that you roleplay with me by using a story fashion, in other words use paragraphs, and not using * to represent motions or actions. Please be as detailed as possible, it will give me to more to work with! If you roleplay any other way, roleplaying with me is likely not for you!
-If we are doing a RP of a series, and you have OC's, please do not ship them with canon characters! It is a massive pet peeve of mine, and it will instantly drive me away from the roleplay!
-Please do not make the RP over dramatic and all about your characters. This is an RP between two people, not one person acting all on their own. It is a mutual development, and both parties should be developed, instead of solely focusing on your character and your character alone. I love dramatic RP's, but not to the point where that's all it is.
-I am 100% okay for you to insert multiple characters to add dialogue to develop the character you're playing! All I ask is they are not in every single response you send, that way your character and my own can get to know each other and so we can continue with the plot!
-Please do not make your character a total Mary Sue. That is another one of my pet peeves, and I will lose interest in our role play!

My Quotes


My Playlist

"You Will be Found"
"Last of Me"
"You Don't Know" Don't think there's ever been a song that represented me better than this one.
"Last Night, Good Night" This song literally has me in tears, it's such a beautiful song. It's so powerful, and is sung in such a way that one can here the emotion in her voice.
"Words Clinic" Just kinda what happens to me all the time. Just another heartbreak waiting to happen, because I'm one of those people who fall for people they shouldn't.
Owari no Seraph Season Two Opening I honestly prefer the second seasons opening over the first one, don't judge me. XD This is from my favorite anime, Owari no Seraph. Watch it!
"Infected" This is one of my past Marching Band pieces, my personal favorite
"Broken Heart"
"Medicine-Nightstep" Give me this song on repeat, a pencil, paper, and headphones, and I can accomplish anything.
"Good Grief"
"Only a Memory" My song to my Ex, who mentally abused me for years until I finally couldn't take it anymore. Also my song to someone else that I'll eventually tell you about, if you get to know me.
"Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence"
"Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl"
"Lost One's Weeping"
"This is Gospel-Piano Cover"
"The A Team"
"Locked Away"
"Car Lights" My favorite mash up, by far
"Sunset Lover-Piano Cover"
"Antique Gucci" Yup, I listen to music like this too ;)
"Calabria 2008" I could dance to this for hours
"Little Lion Man"
"Space Cowboy" Of course I couldn't forget my favorite song by my favorite singer
"Dusk Till Dawn" Can't forget this one either

Randon Crap that Doesn't Really Fit Anywhere

*Akame ga Kill: You think that killing off random characters makes a show deep

Wait a moment.

You think killing off EVERY character makes a show deep.

*Danganronpa: You haven't played the games

*That moment when you drop your trumpet...

*What the effing crap? That angel guy just felt me up!

*"Dave said I'm a lesbian. Is he wrong, or is he wrong?"
"I don't know, Kamryn, Is he right, or is he right?"

*Please help, I slept 14 hours, until 1:20 PM. Maybe I should sleep more...

*Listening to Clair de Lune, reading one half of the comments, and the other half is just crying over Kaede

*"Who's Aurous?"

Wait wait! Don't go! There are a few people that deserve recognition, because they're just that awesome!
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Rave Reviews

This gal is an awesome role player,I can actually visualize what the characters are saying and doing - GalaxyStar
What is there to like about this small plebian? The usually quick and nice sized replies, the ability to take the role of multiple characters and never make them feel like I unwanted extras, the subtle climb up character development that starts to show in great ways, or perhaps her great taste in anime? Wrong, you shouldn't like any of that. You should love it and this person! - BlankSlate

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