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All original races of mine are closed races, they are creations of mine of which I retain sole possesion of. That being said I will not permit the creation of them by other players for any reason. Please respect this as I would respect creations of yours.

Response rate- reawakening recovering from a mental health failure. Slowly I'm getting back into social situations and will begin to send responses as soon as I can reasonably manage....very sorry for the stall out

All of my prompts and characters have been organized in a single thread for neat and easy viewing, click here to check it out!

(Note:I'm aware this link is broken and will repair it soon)

Hi there, I am Voldarian Empire. My biggest love is the creation of alien races, cultures, and other oddities that truly make them alien. You'll see a lot of repeats of the same race on my profile in the future (as well as somewhat the present) and that's because all of my sci fi characters start out as a racial creation first, which I then spawn into actual characters. Fantasy based characters are something I'm a bit weak on and I'm hoping to fix that in the near future. I also rather enjoy creating and writing child characters.

My preferred genre's and rp plots -
  • Sci fi
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
  • Character development

If it's not there it doesn't mean I am not into it. I'll say smut and other sexual scenes in rp are not something I'm interested in (willing to FTB maybe). High school, anime, and slice of life (unless in a setting where enough oddities can make it interesting i.e. mixed alien cultures with minor plot points developing) are normally not things I enjoy either.

rp preferences
  • Sexual content is not something I'm interested in. If ever a situation arises I am okay with a tasteful FTB but that's as far as I go.
  • Romance is something I'm willing to try if it develops organically during a plot, but most often I don't gravitate towards it. If you're interested in pursuing romance please mention it ahead of time, as plenty of my characters wouldn't be available or willing to romance.
  • Godmodding, or controlling of characters that are not yours is not something I will tolerate. Generally speaking this includes any member of my original races involved in a story as well.
  • Powerplaying, or playing god and not taking a hit, are not acceptable, because really we should all know better. The plot and story take precedence over who has the biggest stick in my opinion, and through OOC discussions I believe we could come to a determination of who may be more likely to win this or that fight. Let's just be sensible about it :)
  • I've never really used dice for an rp, but I'm not opposed to trying it at some point either. I'd only include the dice rolls for things it's possible would be different than my expectations of my own characters.
  • Generally speaking I like to go with the swing and let the defender decide if the hit is taken for combat. OOC discussion can be crucial for this and don't hesitate to ask me questions about a battle sequence as I won't hesitate to ask you.
  • I write multiple paragraphs normally ranging between 3-5 per post depending on the situation. My starters, intros, and first few posts in an rp tend to be quite lengthy in particular. I don't expect you to write me a book but show some interest, try, and give me something to work with.
  • Unless stated otherwise all rps are to take place in PMS with separate IC and OOC messages to keep things neat as well as make for easier referencing later on.
  • I'm okay with character death (mine or yours) for the most part, randomly killing one for no good reason isnt interesting, but letting one of my characters die for the sake of a good story or plot line, even if it means the end of an rp or phase of an rp, makes for terribly good rp!
  • I generally like to play with characters who have some kind of history or story behind them to help complicate interactions and plots. I haven't played with many canon characters and am normally less likely to try but that really is a case by case basis.

Things I ask you not to do during rps -
  • Initiate sexual scenarios, including but not limited to undressing my characters. Mentioning something sexual is okay (if you're not getting too graphic) and so are innuendo's but I'm not here for this aspect of rp. It's just going to get me uncomfortable and I may lean towards ending an rp over it.
  • Control my characters or my original races without first discussing the current idea with me. Some things after discussed are okay (If my character does this, is it okay to assume your character will do that?) to help guide the story along, and if mentioned I'm fine with it.
  • Powerplaying is something that looses my interest real fast. I love a good story and if my partners are constantly invincible even if it's against npc enemies it will heavily detract from an rp.
  • Overlook reading my post....yes half of rp is reading what I wrote, and if I become convinced someone isn't reading mine, I'll end the rp. I find that pretty disrespectful.

Things you should know about rp with me -
  • I like to think I'm pretty active, but there are days I simply can't manage to get a response out. I work 70 hour weeks almost every day of the week and sometimes even if I have the time I'm just too tired to think. Usually I can get a post out every day to every three days at most, and to help guide my partners I post at the top of my profile my current predicted activity level.
  • I prefer writing like a book, I don't expect you should do the same thing but using asterisks * or writing everything in a single block of text is something I can't easily adapt to. I also like to write, and write, and write on many occasions. If 5+ paragraphs on a relatively routine basis stresses you out I might not be someone you want to write with. That said I identify there are times when a single paragraph may be all that can be written.

Rave Reviews

Voldarian_Empire was lovely enough to collect a bunch of prizes to give away, all things that tend to be highly favored - and then that challenge presented to have a chance at winning those items? People were asked to share a time they had done some sort of kindness for others! We get to see folks share awesome things they've done, and it challenges those who might shy back from "bragging" to discuss helpful things they have done. Helpful Creative ideas - Zelphyr
Vold is a generous person, holding giveaways to let others win some RPR items that they might not be able to purchase otherwise. They're also very kind and nice to everyone no matter what kind of day they're having and that's admirable. Not to mention their sense of humor is amusing as heck. I'm glad to have become friends with them. Kind and understanding Helpful - Somnom

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