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All original races of mine are closed races, they are creations of mine of which I retain sole possesion of. Creation or control of my races requires written permission by me.
  • She/Her
  • Bisexual
  • Truck Driver
  • Experienced Writer/Roleplayer
  • Novice Artist

Rave Reviews

Vold has been a pleasure to interact with on the discord. While I have never rp'd with him before, I did learn a lot about his characters when he commissioned me! It was cool trying out a new style of art but also working with scifi-esque characters! Vold is very friendly and always has a good story to share about trucking! Great sense of humor Creative ideas - InquisitorCat
Voldarian_Empire is an amazing roleplayer and writer but he's also a great friend and a companion I hold dear. He's incredibly kind and sweet and stands up for what he believes in at all times. You can always count on him to have your back. His characters are worked out into the finest detail and it's a blast to watch him portray them. He has a few closed species under his creation that are truly works of art and amazing to learn about. I'd certainly recommend reading and asking about them! - SylOfficial

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