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  • Gender: None of your beeswax!

All original races of mine are closed races, they are creations of mine of which I retain sole possesion of. That being said I will not permit the creation of them by other players for any reason. Please respect this as I would respect creations of yours.

Response rate- Recovering working my way back to a normalized post rate. Every couple of days I should be able to get a post out. Delays still possible

Accepting new rp- maybe


What I will not do

Smut/ERP/any other acronym referring to this
Write out sexual scenes in rp
Alter existing fundamentals of characters or races
Respond to random IC starter mail for an rp I have never discussed with's just rude
OOC drama
Blur the lines between IC and OOC (I have a lot of experience separating the two)

What I might do

FTB (tastefully)

What I love to do

Combined world build for rp
Combined universes
Contribute to plots (I also heavily enjoy others contributing to mine in active rps, even if I am primarily leading the rp)

Genre preferences-


Sci fi


Slice of life
Fluffy romance
Horror themed

Unlikely :/

MxM or FxF romance (my characters arent compatible with this so far)
Post apocalyptic zombie survival type
Human only sci fi (boooring)


High school
'Normal' rp (referring to everyday life as we know it today)

Don't see a style or genre I have listed? Ask! There are so many options with rp I can't think of them all!

My lovely Avatar picture was made by the even lovelier SylOfficial!


Narisi Nueva (played by SylOfficial) and Avri (played by me)
art made by Wofiira

Gifts I have recieved!

Red Rose: damnationfromafar (now mercyinreach)

An important note about gifts-If I send you a gift please do not feel obligated to send one back. I am, in fact, bad at accepting gifts anyway and would prefer not to have to receive them

Rave Reviews

  • An amazingly nice and lovely person! I have yet to RP or game with them, but they were super nice and helpful when I was hosting my first raffle. Their characters are so incredibly detailed and their mind is genius with all the various races they've created. Super happy to have met them here on RPR!
    -- Somnom
  • My interactions with Voldarian_Empire have not been as extensive as I'd like, but I do feel they're consistently very friendly, engaging and open minded. I'm very appreciative of their politeness in their messages to me. Their characters all have something unique to...
    -- Sanne

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