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  • Epic Member
  • Gender: None of your beeswax!

Heads up!! This will be my first epic week. I'll be doing my best to join in the activities but I'm not completely sure what to expect. My response rate may drop during epic week as a result. I'll be adding an overall estimated response rate to my profile soon I think.

My lovely Avatar picture was made by the even lovelier SylOfficial!

I won't do sexual scenes but otherwise I am open to plenty of things. I know I need to update this profile and I plan to in the future.

For now however~

Genre preference

Sci fi

I'm always looking to start new rp....just mail me and we can talk about it

Do not mail me with an IC starter post without discussing the rp idea with me first

Gifts I have received:
Red Rose: damnationfromafar

If I send you a gift please do not feel obligated to send one back. I am, in fact, bad at accepting gifts anyway and would prefer not to have to receive them.

Rave Reviews

  • An absolute gem of a RP partner. Whether you're looking for intricate, compelling plots or remarkably lifelike and captivating characters, he has you covered. He breathes life into his characters and their worlds, both of which are worth exploring in detail. Beyond...
    -- Lex
  • A very interesting RPer who puts lots of thought and effort into his characters. I am particularly fond of Vee, and hope to see them more.
    -- Mr_Stick

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