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Name: Thomas
Age: 35
Profession: landscaper/student/intern

Whatever. I'm within inches of giving up completely. I'm so damn tired.

If you want to RP, just start with anything and try not to ghost me. I'm not exactly the best here.

Rave Reviews

I wish I could do more than two 'cause he is awesome. Overall, he is a great writer and is patient with my slow responses. His character are pretty awesome too! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Astrobeans
I haven't quite finished the RP I'm doing with him, but I'm really enjoying it, as it's of the victorian era. I really enjoy found family roleplays and this is a really casual, slice-of-life-like story and it's heartwarming too!

He was really understanding when I told him I didn't know medical stuff, and helped me along! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Varian

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