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Name: Thomas
Age: 35
Profession: landscaper/student/intern

Whatever. I'm within inches of giving up completely. I'm so damn tired.

If you want to RP, just start with anything and try not to ghost me. I'm not exactly the best here.

Rave Reviews

One of my favorite things about Voliminal is how nice they are. It makes me feel good whenever we rp or talk. he has a wonderful set of characters to rp with! Kind and understanding Helpful - XenoverseSurvivor
Surprised I haven't given a kudos to this guy yet. I have come to find this guy to be a very interesting individual. Committed to RPs, friendly, full of zeal, who wouldn't want to RP with him? I haven't RPed with Vol long but I appreciate his patience with me. Need someone cool to RP with, here ya go! Kind and understanding Fast responses - KingTai

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  • PinkBrat gave VoliminalVerse kudos:
    I haven't roleplayed with him for very long but I will say that he's pretty nice and patient when it comes to my slow responses! He's always up for a good story and I have yet to see him turn something away so if there's a story or character you're itching to use, he's probably your go to guy! Kind and understanding Fast responses
    (About 20 minutes ago)
  • _Skylark_ gave VoliminalVerse kudos:
    I haven't had chance to RP properly yet with VoliminalVerse, though maybe only because I've been too shy to reach out! I've seen their characters pop up around the site and each one is immediately recognisable, with such a unique tone and viewpoint. So, when they reached out to me regarding one of my own characters (which I'm yet to reply to due to work, but very eager to do so!) I knew I had to to leave a kudos and admit how honoured I was, haha! Creative ideas Wonderful writer
    (About 10 hours ago)
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