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Hi there! My name's Will, or W-LM27/WLM. I'm a fairly new person on the site, but not that new to roleplay! My main styles of play are:

- Freeform (Little to no Dice, but can do them)
- Paragraph/Long Sentences
- Fantasy/Medival (Though I do enjoy Modern/Sci-Fi RPs)

All of my characters are often left open to development, as I prefer to write on the fly rather than have a pre-made backstory or whatever. It's also done so that they can fit in multiple scenarios, rather than just a singular narrative.

Truthfully, I haven't been super available for a long while. I'll update the second that changes though.

Timezone: GMT (Ireland/UK)

Violence and Strong Language are fine by me, though anything overtly sensual is usually off the table.

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