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I enjoy Fantasy, Scifi, and the such. I will play if there is LIGHT romance
MAGIC is appreciated and happy to join! look at characters and tell me if I need to make a new one if need be!

"I am a piece of clay, ready to be made and change" - some person on the internet

don't underestimate me however, or you may end up missing exciting opportunities.

Some things I like to RP:
FNaF (All games)
AU's of games (If I don't know it I'll probably end up looking it up)
Hollow Knight

Romance (sometime, mostly depends on my mood)
Fantasy (usually higher end)
Technology (high or low doesn't matter)

Tell me if any character's are good or bad for a roleplay!
need me to make a character, please tell me! Nicely please or I'll ignore you.

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