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I'm Warlocke, and I'm a bit addicted to making characters. I also like big plots.

I pretty much exclusively RP fantasy genre. Most of my characters are dragons, demons or magic users of some sort. I've been writing for a long, long time, and have even crapped out close to a dozen novels and novellas over the years, although none of them I feel are even remotely worth publishing. I do feel I've gotten a bit rusty as of late. Life has gotten a bit more complicated and busy, and I've lost a few major RP partners to the dreaded real life taking over. But I am really looking to jump start my muse and motivation once again.

A whole lot has happened with me over the last handful of years or so. I went from being in a -really- dark place for a long time, to slowly crawling my way out of that pit. I did not like who I was back then, but I feel like I've begun to really figure out who I am and have made some changes in my life for the better.

If we get to talking, I may share some strange obscure metal with you. Music is a huge passion of mine.

If any of my characters appeal, feel free to shoot me a message here. I try to keep my active ones on the front page. I mostly RP over discord right now, as it's just easier to keep up with.


Rave Reviews

Zhi is someone I admire for their approach at life. She isn't afraid to say how she feels even if the opinion isn't popular. She has a vast number of characters I've interacted with over the years of knowing her, and they're all fantasticly diverse from one another. One of my oldest friends, I'm surprised I've never given her kudos yet! - Healthbar
Zhi is my oldest friend on Furcadia; without her and her collection of inspiring characters, I doubt that I would have ever taken RP seriously. Her writing is addictive and fast-paced, with never a dull moment; from blademasters to angels, blackguards to dragons, her brain is as diverse as the plot ideas that come from it :) - Yuka

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