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  • Gender: Female

I go by Warlocke, in most online settings. I was formerly known as Zhimonster

I rp more or less exclusively high fantasy setting, and pretty much always male characters. I love writing huge page spamming mountains of lore, and some of my characters have novellas, or full on novels for their backstories.

I try to make all of my characters layered, and have them defy some common tropes.

I have a bad habit of making way too many dragons, and giving all my fellas long majestic hair.

I love metal music, Viking things, red wine, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Snakes, DRAGONS, Supernatural.

I work part time at a gas station and it's awful, but it lets me buy some character art and digos at least.





Rave Reviews

  • Upon first meeting Zhi I felt something of a connection. Meaning they were pretty easy to speak with, and also have proved to be amazing to hang out with! While I don't know her too thoroughly yet I will be looking forward to building a friendship. She's been an...
    -- Tea
  • Zhi is as Zhi has been for years. A fantastic fantasy writer, with multiple books under their belt, a great roleplayer with many interesting and fun characters who have well thought out backstories, abilities and personalities, who bring something new to the table...
    -- Djinn-n-Tonic

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