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I rp more or less exclusively fantasy low-tech setting, and pretty much always male characters. I love writing huge page spamming mountains of lore, and some of my characters have novellas, or full on novels for their backstories.

I try to make all of my characters layered, and have them defy some common tropes.

I have a bad habit of making way too many dragons, and giving all my fellas long majestic hair.

I love metal music, Viking things, dragons, red wine, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Snakes, DRAGONS, Supernatural.

I work part time at a gas station and it's awful, but it lets me buy some character art and digos at least.





Rave Reviews

Merin (played by Warlocke)
It's not hard to make a good character, but another thing entirely to make a great one. With extensive backstory and a well-developed personality, Merin feels like a real person. He's also a fantastic example of a dragon character--even when he's masquerading as a human, he retains a distinctive draconian flavor. - Heimdall
How can one writer be so aggressively, inspirationally prolific? And it's all good stuff, too! Every last one of Zhi's characters is, simply put, amazing. Her writing style always keeps you on your toes, and everything she writes is dripping with her dry wit and cleverness. - Heimdall

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