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Roleplay Veteran - 10+ years.
Does reply in a timely manner
Always tries best to put in all effort into making the roleplay work.
If I dont like something, I'll let you know, or if I ask for ideas, I'll let you know.

Started during the times of Myspace, but have jumped from RP site to site, doing this as a hobby. I've always found enjoyment in doing this, taking my mind off of the crap that goes on in the real world.

I've always been open to all different types of roleplays! - Modern, Sci-fi, Apocalyptic, Slice of Life, Erotic, anything really. I've always enjoyed the creative openness to make anything that is out there. It's so much fun to make something into your own world, and it's even more wonderful to bring others into it, so they can enjoy it as much as myself. However, over the course of my time, I've learned alot about what others have asked of me, and I only have a couple things: I will not play a female character. Why" Because most of the times when I did play a female character in the past, that was all others wanted me to only play, and nothing else. So, I gave up on it. Also, I only do semi-para to novella, nothing less. In my own opinion, the less detail there is, the quicker the roleplay will get boring, and I'm sure nobody likes that.

Now, I'm always up for discussions about ideas for roleplays, reply back in a timely manner, and always give my best when roleplaying, so I expect the same. I treat others with respect, and I do my best to become friendly with those that are friendly with me. I do not tolerate ignorance in ANY manner whatsoever, keep that out in the real world.

Also, I would like to mention something about my characters: I know each character make have its own backstory. For example: Johnathan - Fallout, Victor - Gears of War, etc. Just because their backstories are from Fallout or Gears of War means that that's not all they will do. Fallout is a post-apocalyptic genre, so Johnathan is my post-apocalyptic character, and Victor is from a sci-fi genre, so Victor is my sci-fi character.

Rave Reviews

I've only been writing with Weasel for a short amount of time but in that time he has proven to be a very kind and sweet man. He is a joy to speak to OOC and even better to role play with. He is a descriptive writer with long post and I just enjoy how his character and mine interact though their relationship in a bit " unconventional". I would certainly recommend you message this guy, though the man is swamped with a bunch of roleplays already lol just shows how great he is!

;; Grace Kind and understanding Long posts - Anonymous
If you want someone who writes extremely detailed and descriptive stories, this is your guy. His vocabulary is remarkable and his characters feel so alive. If you come across him please give him a try! Wonderful writer Long posts - ChocolateIceCream

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