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  • Gender: Female
  • Birthday: April 05

WARNING: My memory is rather terrible, and I forget many things. It’s been getting worse over the years, so I can forget things an hour after hearing, saying, or seeing something. I'm sorry if this causes long pauses in the rps

I'm currently going through some things. I'll reply when I can.

Some characters are currently under construction

Out next week from 7 pm to 9:45 pm, Monday-Saturday

As my user says, yes I am an artist, both digital and traditional. I usually will draw my ocs and add them to the gallery so their as accurate to the characters description as possible. I do have a DA and Instagram which I will link in the bottom of this.

I live in the Pacific Time Zone, meaning I'm far behind the rest of the world, so don't be surprised if your message isn't replied to right away. I am, in fact, still in high school, so don't be shocked when I'm not on for a few days at a time. I am truly sorry if I do this, it could be because I have projects due, or you haven't responded after a few days usually so I don't check as often as I really should.

Please keep in mind, my first language is English (even though I do mistype a lot due to my fast typing) and I do not speak other languages fluently, or really at all. Currently, I am striving to learn American Sign Language (ASL).

To add to all of that, I love to write, which is where my love to rp comes from. It's like writing a mini book or a good, fun fan-fiction with just two people. I've attempted to write many stories on my own, but in some ways, doing rps is much more fun. You have two minds instead of one, making the story telling so much intricate and interesting.

If one of my characters does not have any gallery pictures or no profile picture, I'm working on finding them. I will usually say when the art is mine, so if I don't have art that's mine up, I'm working on making it.

My characters CAN change species, looks, backgrounds, and personalities as I properly develop them. Just because they're human now doesn't mean they will stay human.

A bit of foresight: I do prefer rps with well written replies. I'm fine with a sentence or two (I do that sometimes), but please don't give me just one or two words, or even a small sentence. This doesn't mean write a run-on sentence. Please do your best to be as literate and grammatically correct in your replies. (I do excuse easily understood spelling mistakes, since you might be a fast typer like myself. I've probably proof-read this page countless times because of that)

Having a bad day? Here, check out these videos.
James Veitch Is A Terrible Roommate
Kitten says hi
Walking into random stores with 100 dinosaurs

The many fandoms I am in (Feel free to contact me about any of them!):
Star Wars




Dungeons and Dragons


I'm also into any on the spot rps with meshed fandom ideas, but not really belonging to anything.
I'm always happy to roleplay with new people. Don't be afraid to message me! I'm a friendly person (according to my friends) and I'd love to meet new people.

Current available rp ideas
Star Wars meets Reality (America) OLD, BEING UPDATED


My social medias!
DeviantArt: Bisexual-Artist
Instagram (its super dead but I try): little_warlock
TikTok(I do cosplays, hush): probablyscreamin

Rave Reviews

  • How wonderful my RP with WeirdArtist was... She isn't weird at all, I'd say devoted, trustworthy, amorous and playful. How lucky I was when she invited me to play. We had so few OOC talk because we understood each other perfectly IC. I gave her some elements to the...
    -- Adalsteinn
  • First off, she’s super sweet and fun! When we first came into contact, she was just so friendly! And WeirdArtist is an amazing RolePlayer, knowing how to keep the story going, and really giving the characters personality. I would highly recommend working with her, she’s awesome!!!
    -- LightWolf180

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