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Wen here is a bully, a menace and downright awful in humour. Never before have I felt so betrayed in my life. 0/10

All jokes aside, Wen is an actual sweetheart. They can be funny outside of puns, they're super sweet and generous and whenever I manage to have a conversation with them I feel... Better? Except for the two incident. I'll never forget, you stink. But yeah, like.. Guys, Wen's great. Give them love. - Derglet
I haven't rp'd with Wen but I just wanted to say that their art is really great. I am happy their share their process on discord because I love seeing their improvement. Wen is also quite funny and always makes my guts wrench with puns. plz stop kthx jk. Keep posting art! its always a treat to see - InquisitorCat

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