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hey there! i'm ash.
24 years old | they/them pronouns

Status: shrug emoji

I'm just here to have a good time and write some stories. You can find all the relevant details below.

My activity on this site fluctuates a lot. I'll be on more if I have active onsite roleplays, but otherwise I only pop in every once in a while. Ask for my discord if you want a more reliable way to get a hold of me.

general roleplay info
  • quantity - I tend to do at least 3-4 paragraphs.
  • frequency -I reply as much as my schedule allows, usually a couple of times a week.
  • medium - I strongly prefer Discord for roleplays, but will settle for RPR PMs.
  • character age - All my characters are adults and I will only roleplay them with adults. Main characters must be at least 21 years old.
  • lgbt content and pairings only- I only roleplay with LGBT+ characters. MxM is my favorite, and I also enjoy FxF. Trans characters welcome, as long as they're not fetish characters.
  • ghosting- I'm actually pretty chill about ghosting, and I won't hold a grudge over it. I've been guilty of it myself, though I'm doing my best to break the habit. If you've ghosted me before, don't feel too bad and don't be afraid to approach me again.
  • smut- I enjoy a good smut scene, so long as the smut takes a back seat to story and character development. Any kinks will need to be discussed beforehand, and non-con themes are a hard no for me. I'm also perfectly fine fading to black or skipping ahead.

Genres I roleplay

-Supernatural / modern fantasy
-High fantasy
-Dragon Age Fandom

Will consider:

Things I WILL NOT Roleplay

-Underage characters
-Abuser x abused
-Serial killer x victim
-MPreg, pregnancy in general
-Anything that fetishizes LGBT+ folks (including yaoi, "traps", etc.)

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Rave Reviews

Ash is just damn amazing! We've known each other for at least almost a couple years now, it hardly feels like that long now. She's funny, literate and just a true joy to interact with! She's everything I could ever ask for in a great RP partner!!

You've made these last few years that much more bearable! Cheers for another year, man!! <3 - beefy

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