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  • Gender: Non-binary
  • Age: 20
  • Birthday: December 16

Greetings fellow role players. I enjoy roleplays because it is much like engaging in a story with someone else, providing a multifaceted experience that creates a much more complex story. My enjoyment derives from creating relationship-based stories with a rich lore contributing to the depth and excitement of the world the story takes place in. I hope to find others who enjoy this form of RP.

Rave Reviews

  • I'm really enjoying our RP so far. Werren's writing is so well done, and it inspires me to step outside my comfort zone and keep up to 2 paragraphs minimum, which is usually very hard for me. If you're looking for someone who can do a good slow burning Romance RP,...
    -- KatrinaPride
  • This person, is without a doubt one of the best RPers I've met, the sheer depth of the character I've RPing with is frankly insane. The level of detail and clarity in their responses are just so hard to comeby, not only do they put care and dedication to the plot's...
    -- FriedGreenToast

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