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Ok so if you wanna roleplay PM me...

-I also do artwork, for free atm I dont have a PayPal but its like quick sketches like you see in my profile pic so yhea pm me if you want art for a profile pic i would be happy to do one.

-Im Dislexic so sometimes my spelling is wack but I'm always will to try and explaining what I mean

-Ive been camping with my family more often and I'm working now so expect late replies some times

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This person is really sweet in OOC's. I love how unique there character is and how he stands out, it's a bit clever don't you think? He reminds me a lot of a doll. I think he's cute, I must protect the porcelain doll
I also love how there considerate of others, their paragraphs have enough info that you need and they'll write a big paragraph to when you need them to, so thumbs up my friend! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - Pen_Tsunami
I would love to give this person credit for several things! 'e is very nice, understanding, and doesn't get offended too easily, so I recommend chatting with 'em, too! 'e can respond almost right away, and can adapt to anything I throw at 'em, and likewise 'e supports the story! In my opinion, 'e would be better at storybuilding than I would, because there are twists that allow the story to keep going even if I am stuck. If I recommend a good friend, it's this lovely person right here. Great sense of humor Fast responses - SpiritHero

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