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The Candyman is the most charming horror movie killer. Change my mind.
Hey there. I am trash. Trash named Maine. Anyways, I sometimes try to draw and fail. I may change my profile picture to one of my pictures sometime. Has anyone here read The Unwanteds? If so... isn't it amazing? I also have a keyboard and all I can really play is His Theme from Undertale, and the Stranger Things theme.
Alright. Cya.

My phone just broke.
Really bad... So, I may not be on for a bit because I may have to get another one. :(

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I'll give you kudos since you definitely deserve it! My rp with you is something that I'm very interested in and I love the replies! I hope that we get to continue the rp since I am not planning to close it any time soon and I hope you are also enjoying it yourself! - FrootLoops
A fun, playful person OOC, with good self consistent characters IC who are played beautifully. Lots of fun all around! - Avitrathephoenix

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