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"I do ask that you please speak with me before sending me a friends request. If you do not, I will decline you outright."

-Quoted with permission from Demilicious

Pansexual❄Norse Paganism❄Cancer❄Year of Dragon❄House Stark

I respond to: He❄She❄Him❄Her. Most comfortable using ❄male❄ images to portray my writer self, but I can use females to my liking.

Veteran role player off and on since 2006.

Proud to be a Scot!

Related to Robert The Bruce of Scotland.




R.I.P. / In Loving Memory

My mom was 67 years old, and had breast cancer. It was the type that spread throughout her whole body, and got into her bones. She passed away on September 24, 2019 at 1:30 am PST. My relationship with her was not perfect, but in the end she was my mother. I got to see her one last time, the day before her passing. I saw her smile one more time, and tell her I love her one more time. She told me, one more time, she loved me.

4/12/2020, Easter Sunday. My grandmother, from my "dad's" side, passed away on this day in the wee hours of the morning. I was awakened around 4:30am by a sharp knock on my bed room door, found it was papa (grandpa's nickname), to tell me she passed. He woke up to check on her, found her ice cold. I hope he doesn't follow her any time soon, else I do not know what I'll do.

6/21/2020, Father's Day. My Uncle Owen passed the previous night. He was waiting for a kidney transplant, and his body just decided to give up last night. His son found him last night. I don't know how old the son is, other than in his 20's.

7/31/2020: My Uncle Bruce died yesterday. Incurable cancer, in the liver I believe. He was at the VA, they took a blood draw, found it, immediately put him on hospice. And he just went like a snap of fingers pretty much.

6/15/2021: ET was one of the two elder dogs we had. Sadly he had escaped from our property, then got hit twice by a car. Not the way I had wanted him to go, but at least he is no longer in pain.

Winter's Do's & Don'ts for RP

Ask me about them, I don't bite. Seriously though, ask me don't assume.


Surviving in my household makes me look a lot like Zazu above.


Yes, I get stressed out a lot in rl. Please keep that in mind, and bare with me.



Credit: Demilicious and his world of Tam'nýer—a'

(Credit for the Yone image used on my profile, goes to: Ari Lee of ArtStation I have NOT edited this image in any way, shape or form, just wanted to use it for my writer's profile. For my writer icon, I simply resized the image to fit, nothing more.)


"I am the fury of winter personified."


Winter's RP Rules

Ask me what my rules are, that's a must as well as a given.

Winter's Time Zone

I am currently in the EST zone. EST means Eastern Standard Time.

I am formerly from the PST zone. PST means Pacific Standard Time.

PST: The zone is two hours ahead of the Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone, one hour ahead of the Alaska Time Zone, one hour behind the Mountain Time Zone, two hours behind the Central Time Zone, and three hours behind the Eastern Time Zone.

Winter's Nicknames

Nicknames given to me by fellow rpr's, mostly via the topic Give the person above you a nickname. The rest come from friends in general.

Snowball, given to me by: Orrik_Zynn_x2

Jack Frost, given to me by: Thundershock125

Killer Blizzard, given to me by: Demilicious

The Anger of the Cold, given to me by: halwa_noori

Winter's Bite, given to me by: Sorrows_Embrace

Winter's Son, given to me by: MrFalcon

Blinding fury, given to me by: MrFalcon

Doctor Snow, given to me by: TheCookiesAreGolden

The Beastmaster of Winter, given to me by: LittleLilac

Mr. Ice, given to me by: 0089

Sir Winter, given to me by: LightSide-Lucree

Commander of the Cold, given to me by: Sorrows_Embrace

Maestro of the Frigid, given to me by: Sorrows_Embrace

Winter's Howl, given to me by: KatayokuNoTenshiVII

Snow Fury, given to me by: turntechGodhead

Coolest of all seasons, sweet blizzard, my frostbite friend, cool winter, winter wonderful friend, chill winter, Winter Knight, Blizzard Wizard, given to me by: LakotaSiouxWarrior

Winter's Other Appearances

Edit as of 1-1-2021: I've removed (but saved) my old writer images. I'm using fresh ones for this year, maybe I'll toss up some of the old ones now and then.

Base Look: Judge Gabranth, FF XII


Base Look: Lord Date Masamune, Sengoku Basara


Base Look: The Spine: David Michael Bennett, SPG


Base Look: Loki Laufeyson, Marvel Cinematic Universe


Base Look: Mina Harker, League of Extraordinary Gentleman


Base Look: Sajin Komamura, Bleach


Base Look: Edward Nygma/Riddler, Gotham


Base Look: Vergil Sparda, DMC5


Base Look: Tseng & Rufus Shinra, FFVII (Pride Month 2021)


Base Look: My male counter part, created in the Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires game.


Base Look: Sansa Stark, GOT


Base Look: Tywin Lannister, GOT


Base Look: Yone (Spirit Blossom), LoL


(Credit for the Yone image, listed at the top with the image used earlier in profile).

Which 'Game of Thrones' Villain Are You?

Tywin Lannister


"A mastermind with no match, you see the world for all its nastiness and you do not shy away, but you do try to keep your own hands clean."

Which "Game Of Thrones" Character Are You Based On Totally Unrelated Questions?

Arya Stark


"You're hard-working, strong-willed, and passionate. You'd do anything for your friends and family, and your ambition will help you reach the top and achieve your goals."


Rave Reviews

Great Halloween celebration thread this year, giving out candy and interacting very politely. Very nicely described, and well done, with fast responses! Thanks very much. :) Creative ideas Concise posts - Anonymous
Winter Fury is a down-to-earth, sensible roleplayer. He's very creative with his characters and provide the important details that make a roleplay engaging. I would definitely recommend him~ - JamBerri

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