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"I do ask that you please speak with me before sending me a friends request. If you do not, I will decline you outright."

-Quoted with permission from Demilicious

Transmasculine❄Pansexual❄Norse Paganism

I respond to: He❄She❄Him❄Her. Most comfortable using ❄male❄ images to portray my writer self, but I can use females to my liking.

Please view my RP Status section below, so you can keep up to date (as much as possible), about my status for rp.
Thank you


Role play status

Old Status's

I am having trouble focusing lately. I have no creativeness, no drive, no inspiration. I don't know how long this will last. Different things are causing this issue, which is why I don't know how long this will last.

I'm sorry if this is a let down for anyone, but thank you to those who are understanding.

Edit as of 10-29-19 I'm slowly working my way back into the rp world again. Please bare with me. Thanks!

Edit as of 1-2-2020: Aside from off and on depression of mine, and off and on minor family drama, I keep being forced to deal with a highly troublesome 14 year old cousin, who I sadly am stuck living with, who takes a lot out of me since she won't leave me the hell alone. So. I've not forgotten to post to the rp's, I've just been having issues in getting to them. But! I WILL get to them.

Edit as of 1-26-2020: I'm going through another period in time of uncertainty, as I may be losing my grandmother who I moved in with along with her husband and other granddaughter. So I am struggling to focus on rp at times.

Edit as of 3-9-2020: If you see me as online, and I do not post to our rp for a time, please know I am not ignoring you. I'm working on my rp OC family, and am left logged in so I can edit the OC family member already up on RPR as I work on the rest of the family as a whole. Ty.

Re-Edit as of 4-06-2020: I'm not accepting any new rp's right now, for an unknown length of time. I didn't expect to get as many interested in rping with Zeke, Ana, and Maestro. I am trying to keep my head on my shoulders as best I can.

Edit as of 3/17/2020; If you have an rp with me, please bare with me in the slowness of my responding. My rl is getting more hectic, as my elderly gran seems to be accident prone. And on this day for this edit, she's fallen twice. Thus my focus and mood for replying varies, and I do not wish for it to reflect in my replies. Thanks.

R.I.P. / In Loving Memory

My mom was 67 years old, and had breast cancer. It was the type that spread throughout her whole body, and got into her bones. She passed away on September 24, 2019 at 1:30 am PST. My relationship with her was not perfect, but in the end she was my mother. I got to see her one last time, the day before her passing. I saw her smile one more time, and tell her I love her one more time. She told me, one more time, she loved me.

Winter's Do's & Dont's

I do
  • Rp as anthro’s and humanoids
  • Accept rp’s with anthro’s and humanoids
  • Rp as Cannons, so long as I know the character/verse
  • Accept rp's with cannons
  • Battles/fights. I'm not overly skilled, fighting in rp's is not my strong suit.
  • Certain types of, shall we say, fetishes for ero. I will not be posting them here. You can ask me in PM.
  • Non-straight relations. I don't care if it's gay, les, trans, c-boy.
I do not
  • Just jump into an rp romance/ero scene. I prefer story involved, as well as see if there is any chemistry involved with characters.
  • Vore of any kind, micro, macro, scat, water sports, rape of any kind, feet, armpits, huge private parts (like horse size and the like), torture of any kind. More on this to come if I think about it.
  • Most damsel in distress scenarios. Too often people have abused that.
  • Like having a bunch of gay couples. I'm sorry I just personally cannot handle so much guy on guy romance/action. I just personally can't.
  • Like people who insist on a character of theirs be somehow part of my own character's story. Especially if we've not discussed it beforehand. If I say no, please respect that. Don't force me just because you think it's cool for the story.

Do/Do Not
Surprises. This is marked as both because I make small exceptions. Such as: You come to me and discuss with me that you want your character to ask mine about having kids. That is perfectly okay, and it can be a surprise in the rp. What is not okay is dropping on my character and I the fact your character is pregnant, when there has been no discussion beforehand about it.




Credit: Demilicious and his world of Tam'nýer—a'


"I am the fury of winter personified."


Winnings & Or Gifts

Stargazer Lily given to me for condolences for the loss of my mom, by LakotaSiouxWarrior

Phoenix given to me as a house warming gift, for my recent rl move (10/28-19), by LakotaSiouxWarrior

White Rose won from Raffle run by DorianM

Enchanted Silk Cloak given as compensation option in general from Kim for a site issue.

Page Torn From A Magic Book given to me by Demilicious

Hot Cuppa given to me by Somnom as a thank you gift, for making them smile with images I shared in their raffles.

Pink Macaroon won from a raffle run by Somnom

Green Macaroon given to my OC, Father Buchanan, for being one of the first ten to enter into DorianM's raffle.

Purple Enchanted Silk Cloak won from a raffle run by JoJoApples

Blue Enchanted Silk Cloak won from a raffle run by Somnom Edit: Used on 1/11/2020

Rainbow Rose won from a Valentine's (2020) raffle run by Somnom

I feel like my niceness is being walked all over as if I am nothing but a doormat. So the "doormat" is laying down some new rules.

Winter's Rules

  • If you are going to rp with me, I expect and insist that plotting for storylines be done by both parties. I'm tired of winging things. I'm tired of people not putting forth effort into how an rp should go. I'm also tired of people who just "go with the flow", and make me pull their teeth like a dentist to get answers out of them.
  • Please for the love of Roleplay, do not just drop off the face of the Earth on me. I can understand that people have a rl. I can understand rl takes over and can be chaotic. But please! If you can take just a little time to make me aware you will be offline for a time, I'd very much appreciate it. I do not need explicit detail about what's going on. Just let me know if you can't be on. Too many times people have just vanished on me when plotting, or when rping.
  • If you don't like the way things are going in rp, or in plotting, speak up! I am not a mind reader, I failed Professor Xavier's school for the gifted.
  • I do my best to make starters and or replies as workable as possible. Please don't take 3-4 posts of your own, and 3-4 posts of my own combined, before making an effort for our character's to interact. Yes, I am aware that I could also put forth the effort. However. If I have and you don't take it, then that fault is on you.
  • Minimum of one paragraph, five sentences, for a reply. I will not post in Novel form. Once in a super-duper, rare, pink n purple, polka-dotted moon, I can manage to do a novel. But. I am not here to do a novel. If you write a novel, good for you. Please do not expect me to read novel either. That is too much for me to read, and I will delay in replying to you if I don't outright tell you I won't post due to you gave me a novel to read.
  • I have a preference for portraying male characters over females. That is just me. I can rp females, but I portray them how I wish. You don't like how my females aren't some damsel's in distress, that's not my problem. I do not make damsel character's. Also. Just because I prefer rping males, doesn't mean my guys are all automatically gay and or bisexual. Please ask me rather than just assuming.
  • I'm not one for group rp's. I just haven't done them in ages, I've grown out of them. Rp's are done in PM only.
  • Please keep an eye on my update section, that is where I put my personal updates about responses etc.

Current song addiction

Winter's Time Zone

I am currently in the EST zone. EST means Eastern Standard Time.

I am formerly from the PST zone. PST means Pacific Standard Time.

PST: The zone is two hours ahead of the Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone, one hour ahead of the Alaska Time Zone, one hour behind the Mountain Time Zone, two hours behind the Central Time Zone, and three hours behind the Eastern Time Zone.

Winter's Era's & Genre Preferences

Ancient China (Three Kingdom's Era), Feudal Japan, Sengoku (Sengoku Basara/Samurai Warriors era), Medievil, Victorian, Fantasy, Fantasy-Modern, Fantasy-Western.

Winter's Nicknames

Nicknames given to me by fellow rpr's, mostly via the topic Give the person above you a nickname. The rest come from friends in general.

Snowball, given to me by: Orrik_Zynn_x2

Jack Frost, given to me by: Thundershock125

Killer Blizzard, given to me by: Demilicious

The Anger of the Cold, given to me by: halwa_noori

Winter's Bite, given to me by: Sorrows_Embrace

Winter's Son, given to me by: MrFalcon

Blinding fury, given to me by: MrFalcon

Doctor Snow, given to me by: TheCookiesAreGolden

The Beastmaster of Winter, given to me by: LittleLilac

Mr. Ice, given to me by: 0089

Sir Winter, given to me by: LightSide-Lucree

Commander of the Cold, given to me by: Sorrows_Embrace

Maestro of the Frigid, given to me by: Sorrows_Embrace

Winter's Howl, given to me by: KatayokuNoTenshiVII

Snow Fury, given to me by: turntechGodhead

Coolest of all seasons, sweet blizzard, my frostbite freind, cool winter, winter wonderful friend, chill winter, Winter Knight, Blizzard Wizard, given to me by: LakotaSiouxWarrior

Winter's Other Appearances

Edit as of 1-1-2020: I've removed (but saved) my old writer images. I'm using fresh ones for this year, maybe I'll toss up some of the old ones now and then.

Base Look: Gin Ichimaru of Bleach


Base Look: Lady Butterfly (aka Lady No/Nohime), wife of Oda Nobunaga, Sengoku Basara


Base Look: Lord Oda Nobunaga, husband of Nohime, Samurai Warriors.


Base Look: Sir Integra Hellsing of Hellsing


Base Look: Dark Walter, Hellsing



Rave Reviews

It's been a while since I've roleplayed with Sir Winter, but I've always enjoyed talking with them more than anything! Their characters are always a joy to read, and their Writer's Tips topic is a resource I love going through for new ideas. Most of all, I appreciate their patience with me and my slow responses. You're amazing, Sir Winter! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Lucretire
Winter is an excellent writer. His grammar, characterization and creativity are all beyond excellent. I thoroughly enjoy writing responses to our stories, which is not something I can admit with everyone I write with. Sometimes our responses are delayed (mostly on my part) and he never misses a beat. Highly recommend. - Doomsday_Brethren

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