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I draw things and roleplay stuff! 🌟

I want to know more about you!

I'm 29. No longer attending college, but I still consider myself a student of a few different art disciplines. I always want to learn more and better my crafts!

I love strange modern settings the most, especially comic-based ones, so a lot of my characters are made with comic-style scenarios in mind.

I'm a really shy and nervous person, so I have a lot of trouble approaching people, but I'll do my best! I'm not good at reading subtle social cues, so, if you need something, you will probably have more luck being direct with me. Sorry! ^^;

I've got a boyfriend I'm overly attached to. In that regard, I no longer roleplay anything romantic or NSFW. I'm always willing to make non-romantic character connections, though!

Rave Reviews

While I have yet to rp with Wires, I can say that she is a delight. Someone who is genuinely sweet in ways I fail to describe. She's got a wicked sense of humor to counter that sugar, and a depth of knowledge about comics and things that always makes me smile to think.. Yeah, she gets it. Which is usually how I feel in regards to Wires, anyway! I have looked over these characters four or five times and I never lose interest, you can tell each of them were made with great care! - Mina
There is a lot to be said about Wires and the amount of passion and ardor that she puts in to every single one of her characters. She has a level of commitment toward them that rivals any other, and she develops very detailed stories that underline every aspect of her imaginative creations perfectly. She is a talented artist in both aspects of writing and drawing. Wires is fully capable of immersing you in her world with her wonderful weaving of words and images. She truly is captivating. - Atheist

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