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  • Gender: Gender Questioning
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: December 31

I'm often online quite a lot - I have really bad trouble sleeping cuz i can't stop thinking about what could happen while i sleep.

About meeeee!

~I do quite a lot of voice acting, seeing as though I can only act vocally not physically

~When it comes to Kpop, I’m the biggest fangirl eveeeeer

~ I dyed my hair blue for Children in need 2018

~ I live with my bestest friend irl who’s like my brother

~ I have anxiety, bipolar depression and even tho I never let it show :)

~ I’m Orkadian (group of islands I live on in Scotland)

~ I love horror!

~ My favourite band is BTS and my bias is Yoongi

~ I have an amaxing gf!! <3 :D :D

'Your skin is not paper so don't cut it. Your face is not a mask so don't hide it. Your life is not a movie so don't end it.'

my favourite songs

If your wanting to RP with I'm sorry, you'll have to hunt me down yourselves. I barely ever ask someone to RP with me and prefer to be thrown into a plot I can work with. I don't have any requirements or limits for any RP, I refuse to do any historical stuff - I spent enough time in a classroom.

Always -
Messed up random stuff

Maybe -
Animal based RP
Proper normal human conversions

Never -
Cringy romance RP

All rights to the right owners for pics of my characters - all were found off google and I claim none as my own.



Summary of my characters

Iranican: I tend to play him when I'm in a good mood, the best replies come when I'm happy. The character is based off an angelic friend of mine.

Yasemi: She's based off a book I read and a game I play, that's where the idea of her being a demon hunter comes from.

Alex: Another of my favourites that I tend to play in certain moods. Whenever I've had an argument with someone, I love rping with Alex.

Fern: She's shy, sweet, kind. She kind of falls into the same category as Iranican.

Dorian: This is literally my character of depression. I love him because he's literally based around myself.

Rowan: He's another of my favourite characters, I'll always play him. He's almost literally an angel. Or wolf.


Rave Reviews

  • Welp. This is a special one right here. That’s right! Window is my special yet personal best friend. She is the girl that I’ve talked to and roleplayed with for the pass...7 or 8 months? Her personality is so sweet and gentle, she’s kind and open minded which...
    -- ShadowWolfie
  • Wolfcat, which I call her Wolfie, is an extraordinary person. I have talked and roleplayed with her for nearly a year. She's a kind, funny, creative, generous person and I love her for who she is. I recommend roleplaying with her because she puts effort and creativity into her response and characters.~
    -- ShadowWolfe

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