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Welcome to my dark forest, little beasties.
Once you come in, you can never get out.

☾Hello, beastie! Have I yet to corrupt your heart? If I haven’t, why don’t you come? Into the dark forest we go...☽

☾A wolf howls at night and my riddles are getting to you. As we finally enter the meadow, the circle of emptiness surrounded by the shadows of trees, you plop down and won’t move an inch. I sigh, but don’t protest. We have reached our destination...☽

☾The mist settles around you, hugging your frame. You look up at me as if wanting to speak, but I am nowhere in your sight. The mist has blinded you, and you start to feel scared. There is no one here to help you. You are on your own.☽

☾Frantically, you try to stand up, but your feet are rooted in one place. It’s as if the grass is holding you down. This same fate has happened to many, little beastie. And it will happen to more to come.☽

☾A voice echoes through the mist, but how can it echo? There is no barrier to trap the sound. “Hello beastie. Listen, and I might just set you free.” Although it is clear I will not, you obey.☽

☾ “I am here to save you, not hurt you. In my forest, the world cannot catch up to you. Whoever you are running from, whether it be yourself or your past, you are safe from. All I ask in return is one simple thing. All I ask in return, is that you play a little game with me. There is no winning nor losing, just you and me.”☽

☾Silently, you nod your head. You don’t trust the strange voice, but all it’s asking is a little favor in return. Maybe they’ll let you free.☽

☾ “Good choice, little beastie. Now let’s play.”☽


☾Write Here☽


☾Hello, Beastie! I am Wolfmaster, though you can just call me Wolf or Wolfie for short! I am still new here myself, but I will still help you in any way that I can! With limitations, of course... If you have any questions about this site, don’t hesitate to ask, as I know that everyone here with try to help to the best of their ability. You can also visit the Help Database If you need help with coding or finding stuff across the site.☽

☾As for rping, my little Beast, don’t worry. You can always find someone willing to rp with you! To start off, you might want to search for an rp, but if you can’t find one to your liking then you are always welcome to put one up! I’m sure that eventually you will find some willing partners!☽

☾If you ever get tired of an rp, don’t be afraid to tell your partners that you are leaving. If you do or if you’ll be gone for a while, please tell them! People don’t like being ghosted and it makes it more convenient if you say that you’re taking a break. Don’t worry, as we will understand that not everyone can be on and that people are busy!☽

☾Last but not least, let everyone here wish you a warm welcome! We are all happy when someone’s new joins in and we all look forward to rping with you! Good luck, have a nice day, and welcome to our community!☽

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