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Hello! I am WonderGamer101! If you couldn't already tell, my username is based off of the game "The Wonderful 101" (one of my favorites)! So far, I am getting the hang of how things work around here. I really enjoy video games, board games, some YouTube, and the "Scott Pilgrim" series.

Yes. I admit it. I am fandom trash of many things. And I'm proud of it.

Current State:

Some philosophies I live by, thanks to the Internet.

"You'll never truly appreciate something so much, unless you went knee-deep-- No, scratch that, neck-deep into whatever cringy or r34 hellhole and came back to tell the tale."

"If you hate something, don't hate the fandom. They're people, too."

"Have you ever had that terrible feeling that whatever you liked was going to be ruined by others who like the same thing? That means you should enjoy whatever good there is left of it."

"What is the point of having an opinion about something so harmless if everything and everyone just forces you keep changing?! I want to view this my own way! Not just change my entire views on life!"

Also, this.

Rave Reviews

Wonder is one of the people that has completely turned my antisocial views around on RPR and has encouraged me to try and open up to people a bit more. He approached me when I first made one of my profiles, and again later when I made another; what started as banter is now a very well, very entertaining role play that I wish my work and school schedule didn't interfere. But the great thing is that he is extremely patient, and I look forwards to having him as an RP partner for eons to come. - Akechi
I need to give Wonder yet another Kudos! Ever since we met after sharing an interest in Fire Emblem from a game called Town of Salem, we stuck together, and still do! When we RP it is great, and I can't wait for his next post each time I send one back, and he is just lovely to talk with OOC! He even introduced me to Undertale! (which is amazing, thank you!! ^.^) Don't pass on a chance to roleplay with this guy! I promise you will never regret it. - RainbowToRosie

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