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Timezone: West Coast/PST. BUT, I work nights so I'm up late normally

Status: almost full on rp's i can handle at the moment, but willing to take more for now.

Looking for: long term 18+ partners

Hi there! I'm always looking for new partners, I've been rp'ing for about a decade now. I write about 2-4 Paragraphs per post. I do mostly fantasy, with a lot of action involved.

RP Preferences
Long Term
Any Gender
Any Orientation
OOC Talk
Multiple Characters
Darker Themes
Character Injury
Pure ERP
IC Abuse
Unplanned Death

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Rave Reviews

Known Wychrose from an RP community on a different platform for a few years now. Words can't describe how great they are in terms of communicating and introducing new ideas to RP. Every RP session feels fresh and unique (certainly making up for my lack of creativity) and I have a blast every time our characters interact. Couldn't ask for a better person to RP with. - DistortedRealization
I cannot gush about Wytchrose enough. I absolutely adore our RP and am constantly checking to see if a new response has come in. Not only is our RP great, but they're amazing to chat with OOC too. If you haven't connected with this amazing person for RP yet - you absolutely need to. Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Ramika

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