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Hi!! I'm Bunny!! I hope you're doing well.

I've got a story on Wattpad that I'm slowly working in, usually about weekly updates. If you're interested, feel free to check it out:

((Hey!! So.. to all who are going to wonder, I am going to be extremely busy for this year. I have a big transition and I am not going to be here as often as I usually am. I will not ghost anyone, so if I go silent, it is just because I am very very very busy. Please forgive any future silent periods. You guys are great and I hope you will all understand.))

Hello to all of you who have ventured to my miniscule corner of the internet!!
Things about me: I love role playing. One hundred percent. I also love art and writing, reading and so on. When it comes to roleplays, I do all genres. The ones I am most familiar with, though, are adventure, fantasy and romance, usually with a bit of horror mixed in. I can do historical or futuristic as well. If you're ever interested in a roleplay, just pm me your idea, and if you found one (or more) of my characters that you thought would go well, tell me that too!!

I love this community so much and you all are so amazing. If you ever need anything, (someone to talk to, vent with or just role play, or anything, really) I'm here. Even if we have never talked, I'll be here for you!


NOTE: please do not ghost me. Feelings get hurt. I would much prefer you just tell me that you're done with the roleplay or that you just need a break. Again, please no ghosting!!

I'm always looking for new people and new ideas, so hit me up if you want to talk.


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Hia bun bun! I love roleplaying with you. My favorites are the seven deadly sins. So much fun! ^^ Great writer, great friend! 10 boats out of 10! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - CoyBoat275
An awesome roleplayer! She puts heart in her replies when she roleplays with me, and I do the same. I truly enjoy our roleplay! - MangoNekros

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