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Hello, it's an honor to make your acquaintance. My name is Xanthe (ZAN-thee) Oliver. I'll have to admit that the concept of roleplaying is so alluring, but I honestly can say that I have no experience in it. The thought of designing characters and fabricating a story with someone else, however, is thrilling., and I can only hope to learn.
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◦I am 18 years old
◦I am a ENFJ-A
◦I have several unpublished novels that I have written that I am too nervous to share with the public
◦I am a trans woman, and I have been on estrogen for 1 year!
◦My name directly translates to "golden olive tree" which has influneced my favorite colors into being yellow and green
◦I tend to interpret sounds and music into colors.
◦I love having conversations and getting to know people.
◦I am a psychology and math major
◦My biggest pet peeve is when people don't communicate with me, if there is an issue with anything, please tell me.
◦I know 3 languages, Greek, English, and ASL. I also created my own language called "Meridiem"
◦My worst habit is overthinking, if I haven't responded to you, it is probably because I'm not sure how to respond.
◦If you would like to message me to have a conversation OOC about anything whatsoever, please feel free to! I consider myself a very friendly open person and would love to make some friends!
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◦I have yet to do any roleplays and I am extremely open to constructive criticism!
◦I have not yet discovered my roleplay style, but I feel like I would prefer responses at least 1-2 paragraphs long.
◦I would definitely prefer to write with adults, but if you are mature I may make an exception (as long as it isn't an adult themed roleplay; ie. anything above PG-13ish)
◦I will probably edit and add more to this section as I start roleplaying with some people and get a feel for the site!
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