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She/They || Scorpio || LGBTQ(+)
Artist || Tarot Card Reader || Story Writer || Gamer

Hello! Nice to meet you. You may call me Хау. I look forward to RPing with you. Please look over everything I have listed prior to engagement!


Things to Know

I Do Not Accept Random Friend Requests.

I will Not speak to anyone Younger than 18+

US - Pacific Timezone ( GMT- 8 )

Favorite Game(s): Skyrim, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy & Dragon Age

Please Be Patient! Sometimes I cannot send an immediate response back. If something comes up, I will try to inform you as soon as possible! ​

Roleplay Rules & Preferences

My Rp Style is Third Person / Multi-Paragraph. (No One Liners, please) Also please have a mostly filled-out profile of your character so that I have an idea of who/what I'm Rping with. I appreciate effort into characters.

I am open to NSFW scenes and situations. If you are not okay with that or certain things are a trigger, please discuss it with me prior. I'm also okay with 'Fade-to-Black' to the next scene. That being said, you MUST be 18+ OOC/ICly. No exceptions whatsoever.

Please be aware that a lot of my characters are WIP, but it does not mean they cannot be Roleplayed with!

I enjoy character/story building! Let's come up with something fun and interesting together!

Feel free to chat with me! Does not always have to be strictly Rp.

Xaydrien's Characters

Xaydrien either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

Xay is an AMAZING writer. She always leaves me on the edge of my seat with excitement as I read her responses. Not only if she a great writer, she is super kind and understanding. I had a great time when taking to her OOC. If you want a friend or an RP buddy, maybe even both, Xay is the best option! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - ImCitrus
My person (I say that a lot, but it's true!) and one of my closest friends - both Online and in RL. She needs some page love and being smothered in kudos and hearts. ❤️❤️❤️

Oh, and she's a wonderful roleplayer too. 😉 Kind and understanding Great sense of humor - Ramika

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