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Nothing to see here, I'm just a terrible artist and writer with lame ideas, move along!

I must ask, Please do not send me a friend request if we've never written together before and I don't know you.

I am over 18, that is all I will say on that.

If you are under 18, I am sorry but I'm not comfortable writing with you. Not all but a lot of my characters drink,swear, do drugs, and or deal with less than pleasant mental states. I would prefer to not have to worry as much about toning a character down.

I like to let stories build more organically, I don't mind a little planning but I try to not plan out every last single story detail as my characters tend to have minds of their own though don’t be afraid to discuss comfort levels.

Please do not PM me asking for smut/fetish scenes. The answer is no.


Rave Reviews

Kyrie (played by XenoZilla)
Kyrie is a gem and a great ic friend for my sweet bean Jemma. Roleplaying with her is fun and casual, never feels pressured, and seems like it can go just about anywhere! Kyrie is also Adorable(tm) and I love seeing the misunderstandings that she gets involved in because of it. - Marie
Amazing roleplayer! Used to roleplay with her often at New Versaille. I hope to see you around if you're still bebopping around furc <3 - Trash_Badger

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