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DISCLAIMER: Xenoworlds may contain mature material some players may not find suitable.
STARTERS DISABLED: Xenoworlds has encountered an anomaly. You can get new RPs going, but you will need to Start them.

Expand your game! Join the Tempest.

We send signals to ourselves through THEIR domain. Did we really believe they wouldn't add their own?
Xenoworlds, where RP is going.
100% Player supported. Find out how you can support the Xenoworlds Project by sending a message with the subject: XW Unchained.

Other than base RP ground rules, here is a special one.
PvP battles are resolvable only using dice rolls.

Available campaigns:
Xenoworlds Core (The standard Xenoworlds RP experience, combining Save the Puu and Ultra Heaven.)
Xenoworlds After Dark (18+ only. It's Core + more mature content.)
Xenoworlds Playground (A fun, lightweight Xenoworlds experience for new players.)
Xenoworlds Zen Mode (A fun, passive Xenoworlds for those who need something lighter and can do without the grief.)
Also ask about our LTMs and the Insider Program!


Intruder event not active yet.

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Rave Reviews

Her characters are amazing I enjoy rping with her and I enjoy how much she write and how overall you should rp with her if you can. - Ascalon
Xeno is great! Their characters and plot ideas are all very interesting, and they move the plot along marvelously! Truly an excellent choice for an RP partner. I'd check all the boxes because they fit all of them, but I can only pick two. Definitely give Xeno a try, you won't regret it! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - Dekko

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