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  • Birthday: November 02

Abandon all regret, ye who enter here.
Xenoworlds, where RP is going.

We're welcoming all who were displaced from RPG as that site is imploding...sad, I know...but a new era is now!

Other than base RP ground rules, here is a special one.
PvP battles are resolvable only using dice rolls.

Hub charas have a named main unit. Sub units will be noted on applicable replies.

Asami's waifus:
Ion *Suwako
Rumia *Tia
Sisti *Shinohara
Kat *KatrinaPride

Available campaigns:
Save the Puu (Asami does whatever it takes to save friends and/or fam~)
Ultra Heaven (A freeform RP in which everyone goes through craziness~)

More units coming soon!

Cyan's existence as one of my units is now public.
Notice: Due to technical limitations, there is an error in the format of Reverse unit names. Reverse should be read as Яeverse and Re-birth should read as Яe-birth.

Nintendo Switch has appeared!
Find us on SW-2648-6190-5708


Rave Reviews

  • Oh, sheesh...I really love playing with Xeno. Whoever they are, they're really good at making the twists and turns, that I probably couldn't pull off! I never know what to expect with them, and that's what fun about Xeno!
    -- KatayokuNoTenshiVII
  • The commander in chief of all puu. You'll be taken beyond the clouds constellations heavens and universe when you roleplay with this role-playing eloquent writer. A blessing and a gift as a truly wonderful freind. Don't pass up on a opportunity to roleplay with one of the best ❤❤.
    -- SexySultryBabe

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