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DISCLAIMER: Xenoworlds may contain mature material some players may not find suitable.
Currently, Starts are limited to close friends only.

We send signals to ourselves through THEIR domain. Did we really believe they wouldn't add their own?
Xenoworlds, where RP is going.
100% Player supported. Find out how you can support the Xenoworlds Project by sending a message with the subject: XW Unchained.

Other than base RP ground rules, here is a special one.
PvP battles are resolvable only using dice rolls.

Available campaigns:
Xenoworlds Chapter 2 (The campaign. Season info on the icon)
Xenoworlds Playground (A lighthearted story mode for people not willing or unable to commit to the Season)
Xenoworlds Insider: Slow Ring (See what's possibly coming soon to the Xenoworlds)
Xenoworlds Insider: Fast Ring (Try new features before they get primed for fun!)
Xenoworlds Insider: Hypersonic Ring (Only canaries need apply here.)


Intruder event info has moved! If an event is active, a Status Update will occur!

More units coming soon!

Nintendo Switch has appeared!
Find us on SW-2648-6190-5708

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9114 2061 5670
Codename ZeroAlterEcho

Rave Reviews

Her characters are amazing I enjoy rping with her and I enjoy how much she write and how overall you should rp with her if you can. - Ascalon
This user is a cool roleplayer and an even cooler person to talk too! It delivers an awesome roleplay with even awesome characters! God, I need more! Moooooore!!! With a constant supply of characters, the fun seems to never end! - MangoNekros

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