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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 23



hi! i'm Xion. i've been into roleplaying for about ten years, and i joined this site from a friend.


currently active PM RPs: three
status: very sporadic
looking for rps? yepp~

all about meee

mbti: isfp-t
temperament: phlegmatic
zodiac sign: aquarius
timezone: pacific time zone, utc-8:00

if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that i kinda suck at introducing myself lol. if i could describe myself, i'd be the sun from the teletubbies. i'm pretty shy and reclusive at first, but i swear i get better once u get to know me. i promise :D

rp stuff

aight here we go
    ➼ i expect activity
at least 1-2 times a week will be a-ok with me. of course, this does not apply if you let me know about something that will disrupt ur activity for some time - i'll totally understand if that's the case ^^
    ➼ i expect you to be literate
i get it. we all make those stupid grammar mistakes. so small things like that are completely fine. but if you're just blabbering on in text talk and run-on sentences? that's a big no-no
    ➼ please let me know if you're not interested in the rp anymore
i cannot stress this enough. please do not leave me hanging for two months without any sort of response from you, even to let me know that you're busy and won't be able to respond. i will not get super duper pissed if u let me know that you're not interested in the rp anymore for whatever reason. don't leave me hangin pls, it hurts ma heart :'(
    ➼ i am a-ok with 18+ content
most of my characters have been created for 18+ content anyway, haha.
    ➼ buuuut i am not okay with a roleplay centered completely on smut
those kinds of roleplays ain't for me, fam. sorryz. smut is fine, but i wouldn't prefer to be the main idea of the plot. i'd like it if there was an actual plot that has an actual story line.

Rave Reviews

  • I don't know how this lovely lady here puts up with me and my lack of quick responses but I love that she does. Great writer and overall a great person. I love RPing with her!
    -- macetheace
  • Xion is so fun to RP with! She's unafraid to contribute to the plot and pull some twists, and has some amazing characters with diverse personalities. Not to mention how lovely her writing is!
    -- SolonaAmell

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