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hi! i'm Xion. i've been roleplaying for about ten years :D
NOTE: the lapslock is for aesthetic purposes~

currently active PM RPs: four
status: very active!
looking for rps? yepp~

all about meee

mbti: isfp-t
zodiac sign: aquarius
timezone: pacific time zone, utc-8:00

hey heyy thanks for checking this out! in my spare time, i watch anime, paint, and listen to music! i also listen to kpop (as you can maybe tell from my icon), and i listen to groups like red velvet, twice, exo, and big bang. some of my favv animes are demon slayer, noragami, and death parade! i also watch kdramas as well.

i'm whisper-friendly and always looking for a great person to talk to! even if it's not related to RPing, i'm always available for a chat, so please don't hesitate to shoot me a PM :)

rp stuff

aight here we go
    ➼ i expect activity
at least 1-2 times a week will be a-ok with me. of course, this does not apply if you let me know about something that will disrupt ur activity for some time--i'll totally understand if that's the case ^^
    ➼ i expect you to be literate
i get it. we all make those stupid grammar mistakes. so small things like that are completely fine. but if you're just blabbering on in text talk and run-on sentences? that's a big no-no
    ➼ please let me know if you're not interested in the rp anymore
i cannot stress this enough. please do not leave me hanging for two months without any sort of response from you, even to let me know that you're busy and won't be able to respond. i will not get super duper pissed if u let me know that you're not interested in the rp anymore for whatever reason. don't leave me hangin pls, it hurts ma heart :'(
    ➼ i am a-ok with 18+ content
most of my characters have been created for 18+ content anyway, haha.
    ➼ buuuut i am not okay with a roleplay centered completely on smut
those kinds of roleplays are not for me. smut is fine, but i wouldn't prefer to be the main idea of the plot. i'd like it if there was an actual plot that with an actual story line.

Rave Reviews

I've been RPing with Xion for almost 2 weeks now and erhmahgerd she is so good. She can play Flirty, Romantic, Hard-to-Get and all that good stuff like she's the one in the roleplay. She stays with her character's personalities to the tee, even if she wants 2 people to be together, if her character is hard-to-get, then she is going to make it so!

I think Xion is going to be a long term RP partner that i've been looking for, for a long time and I'm gona give her that 100% like she does, me! - DontBeTrippin
Xion is so fun to RP with! She's unafraid to contribute to the plot and pull some twists, and has some amazing characters with diverse personalities. Not to mention how lovely her writing is! - SolonaAmell

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    Xion helped restore the Find RP page to good health.(About 1 month 2 weeks ago)
  • Xion gave Grohiik kudos:
    I'm so honored to be Grohiik's first kudos! She's been absolutely amazing in our current RP. Our characters have been on quite the adventure, and she does a great job at plot developing and making the RP fun. She's also a fun person to chat with! Definitely don't miss a chance to RP with her :) Great sense of humor Wonderful writer
    (About 1 month 4 weeks ago)
  • Grohiik gave Xion kudos:
    My first kudos! Xion was one of my first partners here, and has stuck with me for a long while. Her characters are so fun and innovative, and she's so so good at sticking to their personalities. She's great at driving plot forward and giving comedic relief when needed, and it's always such a joy to see a new reply from her! She's also just great as a person. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 2 months 5 days ago)