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DISCLAIMER: Xpoint may contain mature material some players may not find suitable.

We send signals to ourselves through THEIR domain. Did we really believe they wouldn't add their own?

Thanks for your interest in Xpoint MetaPulse. It has recently been announced on our Discord channels that MetaPulse would be RETIRED to all new RPs. It was a tough decision, but one we made in good faith and fairness to all communities. If you’re interested in RPs by Xpoint, please ask for our Discord or Linktree information.

Existing MetaPulse RPs will still continue.

This video from YongYea may contain info that will impact legality of this site:

Rave Reviews

Xeno-chan is the epitome of otaku. A wonderful and awesome person, I am honored to be a part of Xeno's puu-crew. You MUST rp with this person. I highly recommend it to everyone. You'll never regret it. - yandereyurigirl621
Well there's alot of good things to say about Xeno, xeno is a rather charming person, willing to help in developing your own characters, I in my part had no clear Idea how to do this but thanks to xeno I now have, when you RP with xeno you build a world together always taking into consideration your preferences. Thank you for choosing to RP with me Xeno. - 0089

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