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DISCLAIMER: Xpoint may contain mature material some players may not find suitable.

We send signals to ourselves through THEIR domain. Did we really believe they wouldn't add their own?

This is Xpoint MetaPulse.
An altered species of RP.

Here, many worlds collide and open the door to previously unimaginable contact…the team-ups of various Heroes…the collusion of many a villain…or maybe just a slice of life in another world? Truly like nothing you’ve ever played before.

Many have tried. None yet have copied.

Descend into the metaverse.
Enter MetaPulse.

Looking for Xpoint Xenomix? Ask about our Discord.

Rave Reviews

After giving me such a warm and happy welcome I couldn't help but friend you! I love your characters and I'm honestly looking forward to starting a roleplay with you some time in the near future. Cheers to the start of a new and hopefully long friendship !! :) <3 - _--PENELOPE--_
Xeno and i haven't been writing together for too long, but i really do have fun reading and formulating replies! Xeno is a great writer, so i recommend hitting them up! kudos! Creative ideas Concise posts - haneulseongie

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