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  • Gender: Demigirl
  • Birthday: July 29

SORRRY!!!~ <3.


Hello! I am Penelope Lynn (first and middle real name), but people call me Penny or Candy! (Even though it's really awkward when people call me by my real name/nickname >~<) I am a fellow writer and roleplayer on this site and have been for over 2 years now. You've probably seen me in forums, most likely the community chat. I do roleplay ads!!

This Profile is in progress, so be sure to hang on!! <3

"I'm not a credit card. Stop using me to buy you attention and money."- Candy.

"If I ever visit anybody from here, the first thing I ask will be "Make me Taller." -Candy.

"Alright, with my 2 brothers+my 3 virtual ones, I think I get the pain my adoptive kids will feel like when I adopt a lot of siblings for those suckers."-Candy.

"The kind of scar that lives in your heart, begging you 'Remember me! Remember me!' over and over. And that is why I am writing this book. To leave a scar." -Candy,(oc) from the book 'Left Behind, Then Loved Again.' (Which I made!!)

"F-R-I-E-N-D-S, That's how you freaks spell "friends". F-R-I-E-N-D-S, Get that shish inside your head."- Friends, MarshMello ft. Anne-Marie.


Rave Reviews

  • She is so fun to chat with and is a good story writer and she is fluent in Japanese like me! And she is totally epic!
    -- wolfydere
  • she is a great person and she helps other people at times and she is ausome
    -- savage123

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