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Artist | Demi-Pansexual | Goth | Obsessed with OC's | Freak | Gamer Girl

I'm seeking for some new one-on-one long term roleplay partners :)

I've got 15+ years of experience.

I roleplay via private discord, privately here, and email (I have an email made specially for this)

A LOT of my OC'S contain a lot of dark material. This is because bad things happen in real life. I try to incorporate these things into my characters. They aren't for the faint of heart.

What I'm looking for:

~I only roleplay mxm and fxm.
~I'm fine with poly, triad, polygamy, harem.
~I'm fine with humans, humanoid/monsters.
~Original characters only!
-Unless stated wise.
~21+ I roleplay mature content so seeking a mature audience.
~I LOVE SMUT! IT's highly encourage but I understand not everyone likes this. So it's not a must.
~Romance is a must have. I prefer it to not be the full focus of it. I love having lots of drama, actions and tragedies (anything that builds bonds). The chemistry needs to build in a realistic sense.
~Diverse and interesting characters that develop over time and realistic roleplay responses.
~Third person.
~Multiple paragraph roleplay responses (I'm a semi- literate to advanced). Must be able to respond with 2-8 (the more the better!) paragraphs. I tend to try to mirror most of my replies. I write in the past tense.
~Communication and friendly conversation OOC.
~Quantity over Quality. Make your replies matter.
~Reply at least twice or more a week. It's terribly hard to get interested in a rp where I get only a reply once a week or once a month.
~Discussing boundaries and comfort levels before starting the roleplay.
~I'm looking to build a story, character development and world building. I want to laugh with our characters, cry with them and yell at them for doing something stupid.
~Someone who helps move the story along and comes up with ideas. It's unfair for me to do all the work. I hate it,
~Someone who can play multiple characters and not a 'only one gender' type. Side characters are important for the story.
~Someone who is comfortable with time jumps/skips. Sometimes things happen in a roleplay where it becomes a stalemate or simply need to move things on. Time jumps/skips are great for these. Especially if smut makes you uncomfortable.

What I'm not looking for:

~Weird fetishes like scat, giantess, tickle (Not kink shaming. I'm here for a story. Not to fulfill a desire) Unsure? Just ask!
~Short term
~No communication. Communicating is key! If something's come up, let me know. If you need to put the roleplay on hold, let me know. If something happens in a rp that makes you uncomfortable, let me know.
~Which brings me to my next point, don't forcibly control the roleplay/story. It's not how life works. So why make the roleplay meet the same standards?
~Someone faint of heart and/or emotionally sensitive. I like bad things to happen and my oc's can sometimes be huge a******s.

What I'm, perfectly fine in doing:

~Creating new characters just for the sake of an rp
~Having premade relationships
~Making art/commissioning our characters
~Certain taboo themes. Just ask!

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