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Canadian cryptid, collector of curios, your long lost he-niece. I have many human features such as "blood" and "skin."


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It’s been awhile since I last gave Yers kudos, so I wanted to take a moment to say that my good vulture-cryptid friend here is such an amazing writer and, almost two years later, I’m still completely hooked on our roleplay. The effort, thought, talent, and pure imagination they instill into all of their characters is such a delight to witness. I always look forward to checking RPR and seeing a message from them, whether it be OOC or IC. Thank you for being you, Yers! :^) - haunt
This is the brilliant Yersinia who has a great imagination and a wonderful fascination with the world around them. Something that makes them a great version of unique. And I have been given the honor to meet her, thanks. - jpdelta

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