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I'm a dude who is (mostly) gay, however I am still into the occasional mxf smut scene, I just prefer MxM stuff and if there's any long term romance it'll be MxM.
I am looking for someone that would be interested in doing more mature, grim stories.
I write in 3rd person and I like there to be a lot of story and action in what we do. If you rp with me our two characters will be the main focus, but there will also be a good few side characters. And, of course, a healthy amount of smut (I don't fade to black for such scenes), however not all my stories need to have smut nor is it something I want in all of them.
I play the tough dominating top (if such things matter to you).
I am into everything that mind of yours can think of no matter how messed up or dark the idea you have. In fact, as you can tell from my posts, all my stories will have very dark, messed up plotlines and themes.
I live in the UK and would prefer someone from around my timezone since it can be tricky otherwise. A few hours later or earlier is fine but if we're super out of sync it'll be hard to manage us both being online for an rp.

I only have 4 rules I will not break:
No femboys, no furry stuff, no underage and finally, I ask that everyone who wants to rp with me be 18+ due to the topics/themes/actions of the sort of rp I like.

I love a lot of different settings from Battletech to Mutant Chronicles. From Star Wars to Chronopia.
So if you've an idea you'd like to try that you think I might be interested in, hit me up! :)

(I'd prefer to use discord for stuff so if we start talking, I'll send you my discord username)

Please for the love of god be able to write at least a sentence that is readable when you message me. If you send me a message with dozens of mistakes, bad grammar and no capitalization I'm not going to be interested.

Ok. When it comes to characters, please don't play 'quirky, smartass characters with lots of sass' or 'witty overconfident dudes' as I am sick of these sorts of characters and they're never fun to play with.

*Update 2*
I will no longer be answering messages, at all, from characters played by anonymous people. If you want to rp with me, message me with your profile or a character linked to it.

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