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Yo, Yohanon here~ I've been roleplaying on and off since 2009, which started on various chatroom sites and apps. At least until eventually I finally discovered and settled in with Furcadia ever since. I enjoy reading, writing, and playing video games, taking in aspects of what I love for RP ideas to try, and share with others. Although I do often find myself distracted with the fun I have. I've been fascinated with science fiction ever since I grew up with the likes of Star Wars, Star Trek, 2001: A Space Odyssey and late 90-00's anime & tv shows. (Gundam, Transformers, Cyborg 009 to name a few) I also was a huge dork for Bionicle when those first came out, loving all the aspects blended together to create something as cool as that. My favorite game series was Mega Man X and Metroid for the SNES. After growing up and discovering ROMs I got to enjoy other classics, my favorites probably being the first three Final Fantasy games for the Nintendo, as well as the Phantasy Star and Thunder Force series from Sega. My two favorite games on the computer growing up were Heroes of Might and Magic III and Unreal Tournament. (1999-2000) So as it's plain to see, I have a huge, nerdy love for Sci-fi and Fantasy genres, and Horror coming in strong second. (more.. horror games then horror movies, honestly~) For a few years, some IRL friends and I got together to play a few sessions of DND (we only 4th edition books, however) that were pretty fun. All of which tie in to what kinds of RP I enjoy, like Action & Adventure with overt themes such as those. I hope to make multiple characters that not only I like, but others can enjoy as well! Even if we RP or not, I hope you have fun, and continue to have fun on a rad site such as this~

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