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Welcome to my profile.

Feel free to message me if you want to roleplay, i like to write detailed stories.
Not a fan of script roleplays.
If you don't want to roleplay but just have an ooc chat, feel free to message me too!

My favorite roleplays:
[*] Harry Potter
Oc x canon (currently looking (craving even) for someone to roleplay as Severus Snape)
[*] Band's
Oc x oc or oc x real bandmember
[*] Sons of Anarchy
Oc x canon
[*] pirates of the caribbean
Oc x canon
[*] Divergent
Oc x canon (currently looking for Eric Coulter) or canon x canon (in some cases)
[*] creepypasta
Oc x canon or oc x oc.
[*] supernatural creatures (vampires, sirens, witches, demons, etc)
Oc x canon or oc x oc
[*] Pirates
Oc x oc
[*] Medieval
Oc x oc
[*] realistic
Oc x oc
[*] Creepypasta
Oc x canon or oc x oc
Other roleplays are discussable, but i don't watch anime's so that is off the grit.

A few of my rules:

I always use one of my oc's, so if you want me to play a canon character i expect a double up. (You play oc and canon and i play oc and canon)

If you want to roleplay certain topics with me, make sure you are of legal age.

I have a few plots, but they are also discussable.

My writing length depends on your replies, if you give me something to work with i tend to write longer replies.

I prefer at least one or more Paragraphs per reply. When i get only one-three phrases i tend to get bored with the roleplay.

Do not control my character, i will get really annoyed if you do so and in some cases even stop the roleplay. However there are some situations where it is absolutely fine: for example when our characters are walking together and you describe that my character is walking next to yours.

Let me know if you have any triggers.

Other rules depends on our roleplay or aren't friendly for some younger eyes to read.

Rave Reviews

Your a awsome person.I know i just met you like yesterday.BUt your amazing rper and you know how keep the story going. Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - awsomegameknight

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