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Welcome to my profile.

Feel free to message me if you want to roleplay, i like to write detailed stories.
Not a fan of script roleplays.
If you don't want to roleplay but just have an ooc chat, feel free to message me too!

Things i roleplay:
[*] Harry Potter
Oc x canon (currently looking (craving even) for someone to roleplay as Severus Snape)
[*] Band's
Oc x oc or oc x real bandmember
[*] Sons of Anarchy
Oc x canon
[*] pirates of the caribbean
Oc x canon
[*] creepypasta
Oc x canon or oc x oc.
[*] supernatural creatures
Oc x canon or oc x oc
[*] Pirates
Oc x oc
[*] Medieval
Oc x oc
[*] realistic
Oc x oc
Other roleplays are discussable, but i don't watch anime's so that is off the grit.

I always use one of my two ocs Rayna or Ivory, so if you want me to play a canon character i expect a double up. (You play oc and canon and i play oc and canon)

If you want to roleplay certain topics with me, make sure you are of legal age.

I have a few plots, but they are also discussable.

I don't have many rules, as long as the roleplay is fun for the both of us.

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